We were living a dream, and what we were feeling each other seemed came out from a fairy tale. 
You didn’t ever felt those emotions that were running fast in your body, and me was staring the only guy who had  made me feel so intimately dirty and this it got excited me so. 

We had not speak for a bit. We were tasting our reciprocal smell, and those few words that were flying in the air, they were mixing in small sighs. 
Now the only things  that we wanted do, was look at those small nuance of our faces. 
I didn’t know what you was looking at in mine, but what i was looking at in your was the full satisfaction and the awareness about what we had done, was one thing that we had denied us to don’t exceed those limits that we were thinking wrong to crossing, and on the contrary, they were the most beautiful, once entered in that no one land.

Now that land was only to discover, and in those seconds it was what we were doing, even with small sighs and tiny touches. 
That small place in the middle of the desk and the sofa was our flying carpet, and each of us was looking in the glance of who had in front, and what  it seeing was that place still don’t uncovered of our senses and it was full of emotions that we had not still feel, and only when we have seen it in deep of  our glance, we have remained breathless

I have seen it in the blue of your eyes, and i believe you have heard it when i have hold back the breathe and i have soft touched your bare chest. 
We had forgot of your shirt on my belly, now fallen on my legs, but that ruvid rustle, it have made us wakening ourselves from that kind of dream. 
We have looked at it, and with a sort of shy smile, we have remember with which roughness we had made love, and only at thought, i have touched it and very slowly, i have placed it once again among my legs, and i have started to touch myself,  looking at straight your eyes, while you was still, and you was staring each my little movement with my hand among those legs.

Slowly i have placed myself against the desk, while you was looking at me yet. You have not moved. You knew well that, this time you had not to do nothing, just look at me.
I have could see through your eyes and what you was you was looking at was an angel who was delicately masturbating himself. 
While from my part, i have seen your wonder, but even your wish that i continued to make the game with your shirt. 

Ocassionally i was take the flap and i have covering my intimate lips, but with the finger above,  i was continue. In poor words, i was letting enter inside me that rigid fabric, and it was stimulating me quickly.
I was moaning, and looking at you, i was sighing your name.
Slowly the rough of that flap have vanished. Me first, i had understand that it was completely wet from my sex, but i have continued, till i have narrowed my eyes, and i have felt my sex wrapping the flap of your shirt. 

When i have opened the eyes once again, you was breathless yet, but when i made you gesture to came closer, you have sighed my name. 
By now you was capable to read what i had in mind, and what i wanted made you do, maybe it was the dirtiest thing, but you have came closer without debating, on the contrary, i have could feel that you were looking forward. 
We had share only a glance, and right after our glance got down, and we have looked at what i had among my legs, and for a bit, you have remained to stared that piece of flap of your shirt inside those lips. 

I have looked at you, and when our eyes have met, i have place your hand on that piece of cloth, and when i have felt you was pulling out very slow, i have moan again, because despite it was totally wet, it was ruvid yet. 
In those seconds seemed i had another orgasm but it was only the pleasure of that small gesture you was doing, and when it have came out completely, we have shared a glance  then we had looked at it.

I had soiled it with my enjoyment, and you was looking at it as the most beautiful thing where your eyes had placed, and in a sigh you have said my name. 
Then you have kissed me passionately keeping tight that shirt.”


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