This time to open the eyes for first, it have been you, and you have realized in which way we fallen asleep.
You have throw away the air from the lungs looking at me, and sweetly you have sighing my name. You was trying to woke me. You didn’t wanted pull out  your finger without i didn’t have realized. 
You wanted me see in which way we had slept. 

You have started to move your finger very delicately, and you have began to unfastened my shirt, and it was enough only two buttons that you have stared my nipples, and sweetly you have kissing them.
Slowly i was feeling that my body was reacting itself to some  sexual urges, and you have feel them too, and i was began moan once again.
You was staring at that woking provoked by by sweet delicate movements inside me and some licked on my nipples. 
You could feel my fast contractions and that intimate zone have become always more warm and wet, and  i was begining feel your voice that soflty was calling my name, and it was transforming in a real thing.

When slowly i have opened the eyes, immediately i have met your, and you have came closer to my mouth and you have kissed it, without take off that finger in the middle of my legs, and when i have realized of that situation, you have caressed my lips with your, starting to move your finger delicately faster, and on my sleepy face, it is printed a pure enjoyment.
Slowly i have could feel, little by little, that wet sound among my legs was increasing, and when we have met our glances, we have sweetly smiled.

We had reprise from where we had interruped before to asleep.
But in your glance, i have could see a little a bit of embarassement. 
I have could read your mind in those instants, and you was saying: “I could not leave it before to taste again your sex!” and while i was looking at straight in to your glance, you had not stopped yourself, on the contrary you was going always faster. You wanted see me enjoy so freely, and unexpectly. 
My moans were the most sexiest you had ever heard, and you  have would wanted hear them always. 
They were making you fly in other dimension, and now that i was wake, my counterpart wanted hear  your. 

The rustle of your shirt still on your arms, was a sound that i really liked, because it was not soft like my skirt. It was made of rigid fabric, and at each small your movements, it was enetering in my ear, so i have sighed you to take off it, and you have remained breathless when i have took and i have wanted placed it among my legs, and i have said to continue what you was doing. 
When you have understand my reasoning, you have started move that finger always faster, and when that rustle have merged with my wet lips, it have become maybe the sexiest sound that we were listening to. 

But biting my lips, i looked at you and whispered: “I want you inside”, and you couldn’t wait for the time.
You was about to move away that shirt, but with a moan and a beckon i have said don’t. 
I wanted hear your groin clash against that piece of cloth, while your desire get wet of my sex, and so i have place that shirt on my belly, and only after a couple of gentle thrusts, that new noise began to excite us more, and you became rougher, and unconditionally, or not, when i opened my mouth, you wanted to put that finger that was inside me a few minutes before, and you saw me lick it, and right after you came close to my ear and you have said that word again, which i had heard while you made me yours in street.

That word had a strange effect on me, when you was say it, all my sexual instincts increasing, and maybe even you have noticed it, and you was noticing also in those instants. Your desire have been  strongly awashed by my fluid, and your thrusts have became smoother, while my hold more persistents, and when you have said it again, i have looked at you with wide eyes open, and only after few seconds later, i have reached the orgasm keeping your desire in a grip of small contractions. 

Contractions too fast that after few seconds you have could not resist and you have exploded with all your orgasm inside me, looking at straight into my eyes, as if you had feel that warm sensation for the very first time, and maybe it was so. 
You have looked at me, throwing away all the air from the lungs. Then very slowly you have sighed my name, and i have caressed your face, delicately reaching your tiny mole.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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