All of a sudden

I have felt your arms around my belly, and i had have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Your hands were caressing my hipchain, and now i can feel your voice inside me. 
I can’t swallow, and i can perceive your sweet smile. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is  choking us. 
We can feel our connection making itself always stronger and everything around  is vanishing, when i see you, and our electric shocks crossing our minds. 

My heart is starting to beat like a crazy, and everything around is become Our Parallel World. 
I would like see you again tonight. It would be the greatest gift that you could make me.
Let me know that  that our connection is something real, and not only a  craziness of mine. 
Because i feel for real this connection, by now from long seven years, and from seven years, i’m living the most intense instants of my life. 

I’m looking the clock, and in few second still that double number… 
Here it is, and in these instants i can feel our minds strongly connected. 
My heart is exploding. I shake the head. 
 I looking at you and everytrhing vanish, only Our Parallel World is lifting around us and it is protecting us.

Your arms around my belly. Our minds connected. That’s we have need. 


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