While our orgasm still running trough our bodies, we were looking at each other in silence. 
You was looking how you had placed me on the floor, with the skirt all open, and my legs bended, and my intimate parts uncovered, and your glance were staring each tiny contraction that they were still doing.
I was fascinated by the way you was looking at my body that till few instants was at your mercy, and it  was leaving behind it still some tracks of our pleasure.

Then slowly your glance have placed inside mine, and in those moments what i have seen in your  eyes it have been the most beautiful  thing that i have ever seen in my life, and those words that have came out from your mouth, have left me breathless.
You was confessing something that it had not ever happened in your life.
Since when you have started to talk, everything around seemed floating, and even our reciprocal feelings have began fly in that little apartment.
We were on the floor still, one by side another, and that snatched white soft skirt was our frame.

“Since when you have began talk in the striptease, your voice have catched me, and more your tone of voice entered inside me, more i’ve been catched for that being that was hiding itself below that big hat. Only when you have lifted the face, and our glance have met, i have understand that i had in front someone really special. I’ve never acted like this, but when i have touched your hands for the very first time, you have transmitted me something that i never felt before. The wish to being myself, and transmitting you what i was feeling in those moments. Maybe i excedeed myself…” 
I knew that you was confessing yourself. I have left you do, till i have not placed my finger on your mouth.

With your speech, you was reading my mind
Those words were the same the were running in my mind. For a minute we have remained in silence so. Our eyes were straight into each other, and what we were feeling, we could see through our glances.
There were no neeed to add nothing else.
In those acts of love and  pure sex, we had accomplished our deeper wishes, and by now there was no need to speak yet.
With simple and delicate gesture, even  a bit dirty, we given us to the other, whatever it would have happened from that moment on.

Tenderly you have sighed my name, and you have pass your hand among my legs. You have wanted feel my lips yet.
Unconditionally you have could feel my hold, and when we have pronnouced our own names, you have put yourself above me with a gentle touch those lips that were drying, all of sudden, have get wet again, but we have would not been capable to exceed another act and we knew it well, but now that had say what you wanted say, nothing and nobody woud have stop us, and sweetly you have leaned yourself next me, on that small place  between my desk and the the sofa, and now that place was the only one we wanted stay.
You have leaned on that flap of my snactched skirt, and our eyes didn’t wanted stick off one from another.

Delicately you have continued to caress my intimate lips and i was starting to slide my hand inside that shirt that it have began to seem me useless and slowly, i have made slide it over your shoulders to make it fall over your arms, and i when i have seen that piece of cloth so, i have came closer to you, and very slow i have soft touched your chest, and our breathes seemed merging one another.
I was staring that shirt on your arms, and your mind made me see that exact moment in which you have snatched that skirt, and you was penetrating me, i was remembering how you have called me in that bad lit corner of that street, and the way you have pronnounced it, have made me moaning when you have delicately let enter your finger inside my lips.

Unconditionally we were got back once again in that vicious round, where you wanted hear my moans, while your fingers was entering always more insde my body, and now your enjoyment was that one to see me move myself very slow but very sensually, and hear my breath increasing always more, while i wanted only feel your finger diving in my wet lips, and hear that wet sound that little by little was filling the room, while that pungent smell was spreading once again.
But at end we had to give up ourselves to the tiredness. 

We have asleep while i was contracting my initimate lips to hold your finger inside me.”



Listen to it 🔉⤵




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