When i feel

Your closeness i just have to throw away all the air from the lung, and in these moments i feel yopu really close next to me.  
I can perceive your arms arms around my belly, and your voice is calling from far.
I have done another Japamala like your i have done for you. I really hope you liked what i have done you.

Our electric shiocks are crossing fast our minds, and what we are  feeling in these instants is our soft punch in the stomach that is tightening us despite distance. 
This afternoon i had the perception that in someways you was listening to the same radio i’m listening from when i discovered, it have been a moment, but it have shocked me. It have been like you have wanted me say something, and maybe it was so.

I have felt your arms stronger, and now our connection is always stronger. 
I feeling you call my name, and everything is so delicate, and 1919 have appaered again. 
I’m shaking the head, and i thinking  you strong. 
I feel you do the same.


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