I was looking at you still dazed for what you had made me feel below that streetlamp. 
I was still biting my lips, feeling your hands touching my legs under that skirt.
The excitement was in the air yet, but in someway we wanted maintain something that look like calmness, but we knew it would been hard. 
We have shared a quick glance when we arrived to those few stairs.

We have stopped for a while before enter in the building. I went going up and you have remained on the sidewalk.
Your hands didn’t want stick off from the white skirt. You was settling it for how much could being settle a skirt, and your warm breath was enveloping my being. 
Our hearts were beating unison. 
In your eyes i have could see yet that image well printed in your mind.
Those few drops of my enjoyment that were falling on the concrete, while you still had my hair in your hands.
It was hammering your head, and your heart have beat always stronger, when you have met my glance, while i was opening the door of my apartment.

That glance have left me breathless that it have made me left the mouth ajar.
That wild coupling wasn’t over. It would  be restarted again, as soon i had closed the door, where none prying eyes would have seen us.
Your glance didn’t wanted stick off from each little moves i was doing. 
When i have opened the door and we entered, you have closed it clashing it, and you have started to stare at me, and all of sudden, that sexual tension have spreaded in the that room. 

We were looking at each other, while we were walking for all the the apartment.
I was walking backward, while you looking to catch me trought my skirt. 
The idea that below the thin clothe there were no longer nothing more, just my bare intimate lips, it was a thing made you crazy, i have could see it among your legs. 
You hadn’t take off not even the coat, but just few second later, you have throw it away on the floor, and i have began to stare your chest.

We have chase each other for a while, then you have taken me leaning my body at the desk, and wildly you have searched for those intimate lips, that at your touch got wet. 
You have lifted roughly the skirt, and your finger have immediately penetrated me, and i have started to moan freely.  I was biting my lips, leaning myself to you, and you have whispered: “How much wet…you are!”
I was making you feeling you my enjoyment in your ears, while you was push your finger more inside me, but at certain point, you have stopped, and you have looked at me, and immediately after you have taken me, you have placed me on the floor, and looking at that skirt for a second, without thinking much, you have snatched and opened at half, and for a second you have remained to stare that small part of my body, that little by little, was getting wet always more.

I was at your mercy, and sincerely, i was enjoying myself that i don’t have thought on you have done in those seconds, but when i have heard that snatch, immediately i have got excited and wet more, and your finger have slided inside very fast. Just only a couple of minutes after, my hands were touching your pants and when i have set free your desire i have touched it, and as you was masturbing me, i have started to masturbate you, but it lasted just few seconds, because it was enough a look of you, and i held back the breathe and once again, our bodies have became only one. 

This time we have could see each other, and our moans have merging one another. 
Slowly your pelvis’movements have became always faster, and my glance have dived straight into your surprised how much hard, have became your desire in few thrust, and now that was you was capable to read the mind, and in a sigh, you have said: “That’s you that get excite me so!”
And your thrusts have became more violent. It seemed you wants enjoy yourself at infinite, making me enjoy too.

We were exhausted for how much love and sex we had done, but we wanted feel us enjoy still the last time. 
Your thrusts have became always faster, and my moans were became almost little screams, but when we have reached the climax, everything muted, and the only things that we could feel was the flowing of our fluids, one inside another.”


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