I’m still laughing

Biting my lips, because it’s the second day that that magical flag appears on my open diary and it’s not an only coincidence, it’s something more. I can feel your closeness making itself always stronger, and my mind is explode when i feel your arms around my belly so delicately strong . 

I only can smile and feeling myself loved by you. Loved in your own way.
Someone can call me crazy, but what we are feeling it’s very unique. I can just shake the head and all my thought, can being came out from a crazy mind but everything match, and you can feel my heart is beating like a crazy.

Maybe that’s not you that flag, but something it says me that i have to my perceptions, and i smile looking at you in this picture.
It was from long time that i didn’t have seen that flag, and now two days almost in succession. 
My heart is beating strong and i’m sure that you are surfing in what i wrote, searching some explanation in what you are clearly feelin in these days, and you wouldn’t take again that two pages that i have sent you, but it’s stronger than you, and you are looking for a reasonable reason, and you don’t find it. 

Maybe there is something true in those few words that i wrote you, and that’s why you have jumped once again in my open diary. Maybe here, there is the solution. 
Our Parallel World.


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