We have came out from the striptease still dazed for what we had done, and that smell was on my finger yet, and in someway it seemed that i wanted challenge that werewolf that i knew he was still around in the city, and in someway you wanted seemed challenge him too, but in that moment maybe it was the last thing we had think about. But uncoditionally we wanted challenge the dangers of the city that it was putting us in front.


For a long time we have walked in silence, hand in hand, you with head down, and me that i was hearing your breath enveloping my being. 
The street lamps lights were low and with difficulties we recognizing the creatures that we were meeting. 
Your glance have liftted to look some corners of some building that we were crossing, and at the last one, you have looked at me, as if you wanted stop yourself, but when our glances have met, you have smiled and have continued the walk.

I knew that you had something in mind, but you had learnt well to hid your thoughts, but you have could not hid your heart that was about to splash out from your chest. 
I was feeling it, but i didn’t have asked you nothing.
You have continued to stare the concrete of that sidewalk, and when you have recognized the building of  my little apartment, you have looked at yourself  around, and you have checked that streetlamp at the corner. 
It was perfectly bad lit, and in those moments you was looking at my white soft skirt that seemed dancing at rhythm of my steps, and knowing that below that skirt there were those almost snatched panties, that idea that you had well hid, have came out, but before i have could develope it in my mind, you have dragged me below that streetlamp, and you have clashed me on the wall, and lifting roughly that skirt yopu have finished to snatch those panties, and in hurry you have put down your pants, pulling out your desire, and wildly you have penetratred me, and you have began thrust you inside me. 

I have remained breathless, i have started to look at you, and my moans have began to resound in that dark part of that city, and some creatures have started to came out from the part of the opposite sidewalk, and they  have started to look at that act of pure sex.

I was leaned on that wall, but even attached at your neck, and our glances didn’t wanted stick off one another. 
You had surprised me as i have did in the striptease club, but this was more dirty and in someway more sensual than mine.
I was feel the skirt jumping on my thighs very fast as your movements, and when you have started enter more, you have lifted it till my belly, whispering something that it have got excited me still more and you have feel it, when your desire have dived itself in something more warm and wet. That wet sound was enetring on our ears and, little by little, was audible to those creatures who were audience  of that act that was becoming always more sensually violent.

You was enjoying yourself while you was looking at me while i was feeling inside me your desire making itself always bigger full of your orgasm ready to explode once again, when for a short moment you have stopped thrust yourself inside and you have looked at me, and you have came out, and suddendly you have turned me toward the wall, and violently you have lifted me the skirt, and you have penetrated me from behind, and you have pulled me the head up, as if in front of us there was that small mirror of the bath. 
You have said that word again, and from my intimate lips have came out several drops of my enjoyment. 
You have noticed it, and while you was pushing yourself  inside me, you have made me open the legs.

I don’t knew what you had in mind to do, but in those moment, everything you have would do, it would have me enjoy,and while you was about to exploded inside me, i have could feel your finger enter inside my intimate lips and unconditionally i have moan loud, and right after i have enjoyed myself too. The skirt have prevented me to see my fluid while it have came out, but some drops have slided along my legs, and i felt their heat crossing down, and when i have sighed your name, you have simply said that it was better return home. 
Sweetly you have turned me round, and you have settled me the skirt carressing me the inner thighs.”


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