And when Michelle have came out from behind the red drapery, i have hold back the breathe, and you have tightened my hand delicately. We have shared a sweet glance each other, and you have understand that when i was seeing her on that stage, all my thought vanishing. For you a long  instant the very show were in my eyes, and you have forgot the big stage in front of us.

In those instants you had understand that  who had in next to you was the most delicate creature, and only in those minutes you have understand that you would not ever left that city, and you have sweet called me. When our glances have met, quickly you have throw away all the air from the lungs, and you was about to say something, but at end you have only smiled. 
My hand have caressed your below the table, and i have continued to see my friend dancing on stage among other dancers and her favourite ostrich feathers and only when she have noticed us, have started to dance more sensually, and i have inutuited that that one part was all dedicated to us. She had understand that we would have end to make love. When in her mind they have started to formulate themselves some questions, i have jolted. 
I knew that you have could not read her mind, but her questions were almost screamed, and i had fear that whoever had could listen to them, but it was just an unfounded fear. 
Nobody except me in that city, had that one ability.

Only when you have noticed my blushing, you have delicately tightened me more the hand, and in a sigh, you have asked: “Hey what’s up?” 
I have looked at you and in those seconds really, i would wanted being with you alone.
My heart have began to beat strong, but then i have smiled and explaining you that she knew about the Cyclope’ prank, and i have left in suspended that explication. It would have arrived you shortly and only few secondd later, you have said: “Aw..” and you have started to see her dancing.

My thoughts were on those embarassed, but very exciting questions that Michelle had made me, and yes i was looking at her dancing, but with the mind i was in quite other place.
The smoky smell of that big salon had covered all others one. The last one who had sniffed our smell it have been Cyclope few minutes earlier.
Our hands were hid below the table, for fear that someone other could see how much love was running among us.

You were placed next the wall, and i was at your left. Everything i have would do you, nobody have would noticed, thanx the darkness and all the lights straight on the stage.
You had still my hand in your, but slowly i have break it away. For a second, you have tought i have would placed on the table, but it was not so.  
Before i have placed it on your leg, then we have shared a sweet smile, and we both we got back see the show, but when i have reached you inner thigh and i have touched accidentally your desire, i have heard you hold back the breathe, and you have looked at my hand, then you have sighed my name. 

You knew that i wanted it, and you wanted it too. 
My hand was caressing your desire caged in those pants, and little by little, it was becoming always bigger, and those pants would be a torture. 
The music was high, and nobody have would noticed on what we were doing below that table.
All of sudden i have turned toward you and just looking at straight into your eyes, slowly i have opened the pants, and i have came out your desire, and i have started to caressed it before sweetly, then always faster.

You have started delicately to moan even because that tablecloth that was covering all that, it was adding soft caress on your hard desire, and all that  it was more perverse than what we had done before, because we had to maintain a sort of earnestness, if someone had looked at toward our part. 
But even you have wanted do your part. 
Below that tablecloth, roughly you have moved away my immaculate skirt, and almost you have snatched my panties, and you have touched my intimate lips. 

I have closed the eyes for a moment, but in those moment your desire have exploded in my hand and the audience was clapping Michelle who was went down from her stage and she was directed herself toward her best friend. 
When she have arrived you was reprising yourself for that unexpected orgasm that i made you feel, while i  had still my hand on your desire still wet.
I have invited her to sit,  and you have seen for the first time that my hand have coming out below from that table, and i have licked that finger wet of your pleasure, and i have could hear you say in your mind: ” Ow Daria, how much sexy you are!” And your hand was tightening my thigh, arriving once again to my briefs, and only when Michelle have asked if you have like the show, i have turned, and our glances have met, and in that quick glance you have understand how much great my wish was to stay with you.

“It have left me breathless” you have said, touching me stronger the leg, i have smiled, knowing well that you was lying, but how could we say Michelle that we had not see her show?
We wanted say her about the bathrobe, but it seemed us much, but however i have asked her if RedNeck had yet my measures, and then i have looked at you and you have said her: “Yes, one is too reductive for a beauty like her”.
I have looked at you and blushing, whispering your name.
Michelle have smiled affirming that RedNeck didn’t had throw away nothing, and in few days, he would have made a new bathrobe for me, and winked you. 
That prank had worked at the perfection, she had said to Cyclope seeing us leaving the club hand in hand.”


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