We walking away from that group, you have tightened stronger the hand, and in a sigh, you have asked if i was ok.
I had the head down, and i was looking my feet that, step by step, were hipnotizing me and in someway they getting calm me. 
I knew that werewolf and, for his fame, he was the wildest one, and you and me, with few moves, we had make him escape. I was sure that if i was alone i would have been one of his meal. I had heard of  the end of one his prey and lucky i have had you next to you, who have gave me the courage to react.

She was a creature of the street and she gave pleasure for money. That night, ended her works, she have came out without clean herself, and the werewolf, as, for us, had sniffed her pungent smell and he have attacked her. He have take her in one dark corner of the city, and before to killed her, he have violented her. 
That evening in the city was a reigning a creepy silence, and it could hear only those screams that were merging with the screams of enjoyment of that werewolf, then that last yarking had underlined the enjoyment of the animal, then nothing else.
When he have came out from that  dark corner, his dick still was dripping with pleasure, and his face was a bloody mask.  
“And from that night everybody we have learnt a lesson…” i have said you still shocked by what i have been capable to do. You have listened to the whole story muted, and i was been capable to read your thoughts that were running fast in your mind, and only at end you have looked at me, and you have stopped me, and placing in front of me, you have stared straight into my eyes, you have said: “You have been so brave, come on let you embrace you!
And sweetly you have pulled me toward you, ad delicately you have said: “I will protect you!”

Breaking away, i have smiled you, and without on porpouse, we have stopped in front to the striptease club.
I made you notice, indicating the sign, and with a long breath, i sigh: “Let’s enter”  looking at myself around, checking that there were nobody around, i have throw away the air from the lungs, and tightening your hand, we entered.

As soon we have exceeded that small wooden door, the first glimpse we have received have been that one of Cyclope, who have shared one of his ugliest smile and he have saluted you touching  his forehead with his big finger. He was cleaning some glasses with his apron.
We have sat at one of those tables of that anteroom, when i have shared a beckon with him , and without add else, Cyclope have left for a second the counter, and with his big voice, he have screamed: “She is here!”
When he got back , he have beckon me and really curios, he have asked us if  we had wanted something. 
“For me the usual, and i believe also for him” i have looked at you and i have smiled. 
Without do it on porpouse, we have sat at the same table of our first meeting, just at the same chairs. 
Me on the left side of the table and you just in front. You have could see the brownish drapery, and me the entrance.
It seemed live a dejavu, and for a long moment, it seemed us. 

I had my white hat on, and i was looking your hands placed on the table, but when slowly, you have called me, i have lifted the face, and our eyes have met. 
You have smiled, and you have asked if everything was fine. I didn’t have replied immediately. 
I would wanted say: “Since when i’m with you everything is fine”, but i have dived myself into your eyes, and i throw away all the air from the lungs and i have elongated my hand toward your, and when you have took them, i have sigh your name, you have immediately comprehend that i would have wanted stay alone with you. 

In your eyes i have could see a sparkle and you have smiled. 
In that sweet smile i have could read two words that would have make forget that werewolf. 
When Cyclope have came, it seemed he had broken that bubble in which we were, and with his big grimace on his face, he have brought us «the usual», and have leaned the glasses on the table, announcing us that the show was about to start, and as  friend of the starlette, i had my reserved table, and after a bit he made us sign to follow him. 

This time he have left that you had take my hand, and when our glances have met, he have understand that his joke had worked to the perfection. Walking behind us, Cyclope have sniffed those few last smell that our skin spreading, and when he have exceeded us to make us sit, he have smile and only me i had read his happiness, and when in silent, he have said: “You deserve all this”, i have looked at him and in a sigh i have thanked him, and he knew that that “Thank you” wasn’t  for the table, and only when he was about to leave us, he have gave you a pat on your shoulder and he have winked you.

You didn’t knew him well, but you knew that in that wink there was more than a simple gesture, and you tranquilized him, saying: “With that prank of that colored cardboard, you have changed my life, that’s me that i have to thank you. She is the most important thing that have happened in my life”, and you was saying this while you looking at me sitting at the table.
Cyclope have looked at you very seriously, comprehending deeply what you had said him, and giving you another pat, he have wished us have fun.

Sitting next to me, i have looked at you, and you have sweetly tightned me the hand. 
The music have started and the lights was turning off, while the red dapery was slowly opening.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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