Your closeness

Makes me beat strong my heart as never before.
 The soft punch in the stomach is chocking me, and i feel our connection making itself stronger in these hours. 
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and i think  you. 

I close the eyes and i feel your arms around my belly, and all of a sudden, everything i have come in mind, are all those description that i have read,  and i can only shake my head, and think to Our Parallel World that slowly is wrapping us inside its magic. 

My heart is explolding, and you can feel it, because even your is exploding, and another double number hae appeared just now. 
I’m shaking the head. I just can’t believe it that every emotion i’m/ we are feeling, it means that we are Twin Flames, just you and me, but i have to give up myself to the evidence, it so. 

When i think to you everything become beautiful, and what you are making me feel you are feeling it too, because that’s me that i make you feel in this way, despite our distance. 

Our sweet electric shocks are crossing our minds, and we are feeling that we are communicating each other.
I feeling you are delicately embracing me from behind, and in someway you are say me something. My heart is beating stronger, and my head is exploding. 
Your closeness is around, and i feel you are embracing me sweetly.

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