We have stared a last time the stage of our passion, and inhaling the air, in our nostrils have entered a last little pungent of the smell of our orgasms, that slowly was vanishing. 
While you have opened the door, you have tightened me strong the hand and my glance have met your.
We knew well that we have would meet the gazes of the inhabitants, and even we had washed ourselves, that smell would have attracted the wildest of the creatures. 

Opening the gate of the building, i have stopped you for a while, and went down the small stairs, i have said: “We have to being careful, let’s walk with head down” and i have worn the with hat, and looking at straight into my eyes, almost unconditionally, you have lifted the collar of your coat, and have helped me to went down those few stairs. 

We have started our walk toward the striptease club. One, two at the third step, you have take my hand, and with a quick glance, you have sweet smiled me.
It was arriving the evening, and the sky was becoming dark. The long shadows of the other inhabitants seemed swallowing us. 
The street was crowding of creatures of any kind, but with the face down, i have wanted warned  you about the werewolves. Their sense of smell it was one of the most developed among those creatures, and that was their hour. They were coming out to hunting their meal, and when they catching it, nothing and nobody could do nothing.

It was another rule of that city that not even the Mayor could not change. That’s why i was hiding for the most of the time in the striptease club. “You walk fast and when you recognize their paws don’t look at them in face. If you you do it, it’s like you want challenge them, and don’t reccomend at all. Walk fast” it have  been what i  have said you, when you was about to meet one of those glances.
By other hand i didn’t ever meet a werewolf after have make love with someone, even because i ever hadn’t made love so intensively with someone as i have done it with you, and when  that werewolf who was walking toward us, have started to sniffing the air, and he have recognized the smell have came from me, his walking have became faster and he have reached us before that we had could enter in the striptease club. 

He placed infront us, and he have started to sniffing deeper the air around us, especiallly he have started to sniffing me turning around my body. 
My white skirt  fluttered high, and my legs have been uncovered, while you was tightening my hands more, you haven’t said nothing, as i have said to do when i have seen the unavoidable moment. 
The sniff have became more persistent when he put himself on the four paws, and his pointed noise have wen tsniff directly from the source of that pungent smell.
You was looking at the whole scene really worry, while at safe distance, it was formed a little group of other creatures who wanted see how would it would end that hunting.
I had the head down and i had the eyes closed, while i was collecting all the bad intentions of that werewolf  who was examining me deeply.
He had intuited the wild sex that we had done, and it seemed he was enjoying himself sniffing my intimate parts.

Slowly he have got back on two feets, and when he have came closer to me, he was lifting my skirt to touch with his paws my  panties, and sniff my face, but when you have seen what he was doing, with his paws already below my skirt. you have threatned him: “Take off your lurid paws from my girl!” 
And without time to reply, i have kicked him between his paws, and i have could see his real pain, and for the very first time the other creatures have could hear that even he have feeling pain. His low yarking have been the witness. After reprise himself, he have looked at you first then his wild glance have stared me, and coming closer to my ear, he have said:”It ain’t over here. this time you won, but from now on you look at your shoulders! I know, you have made a wild love and i will taste it even me!” and he went away touching my inner thighs, and with a challenge glance, while those dirty paws left my skirt, and he left us with a grimace of pain printed on his wolf face.

Only after when he have left us, we had realized that it was formed a large group of creatures around that scene, and  little by little they have came closer, and immediately, they have wanted know how i was doing and above all who was that girl who had sent to hell that werewolf who was getting scaring the city.
I had recognized some of the voices, as those of those creatures who had definied me a «creature dressed like a human being», and tightening your hand i have sighed: “Let’s go away!”
You had understand my mood, and going away, you have loooked that creature, and the only thing that have came out from your mouth have been that i was the most important human being that you had met. 

Leaving that group, i have throw away the air from the lungs, and looking at your profile, my heart have begin to beat strong.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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