I have still looking at you astonished from what i had as soon heard  came out from your mouth, and unconditionally i have caressed you while a tiny teardrop was rolling from my face.
I was about to say something but you have put your finger on my lips and in a sigh, you have said: “Shhh, dont’t say nothing”. 
Yes, you had created something magical that had to last for all the time it had to last, and for me it would have lasted  for all our lives.

You got up and with delicateness you have helped me to stand up, and for a longest minute we have remained one in front another, without say nothing. 
I have stared you straight into your eyes for a bit, then wiith my hand i have followed the tight muscles for all your chest, but then you have lifted my face and in another whisper, you have invited me to prepare myself, sweetly smiled, you have started to looking for your clothes scattered on the floor of that room. 

We got back in bathroom for refreshen ourselves once again. 
Without spoken, we had shared a glance, and in that glance we had comprehend that we were thinking at the same thing. 
If we had came out soon, every creatures of that city, have would understand that we had made love till short time earlier.
So we went in bath, and once again we have clean ourselves, but with some difficulties, we have tried to don’t think how we had made love in front of that small mirror.

We have settled like before. Me leaned on the sink, and you behind. You was waiting your turn, while i was washing me deeper with a sponge all my body especially those parts that were spreading still that pungent smell. 
With a simple excuse, you have wanted use that sponge, and when you have said with your deep voice: “Can you give it me?”, and so you have take it from my hand, and you have started to wash me the back till arrive to my ass, then in another sigh: “You open the legs”, and from below, that sponge have arrived to wash me my intimate lips, and for a second i have could feel your finger enter, and i have hold back the breathe, but it have been a short moment. 

I have washed me completely when you have asked the sponge, and when i have turned, you was still behind
From the simpliest, that cleaning have became, one sexiest of the gesture . 
Without stick olff our glances each other, delicately i have take thatg sponge from your hand, and i have started to clean you. I have cleaned your arms, your chest, and slowly i have arrived to your groin. and there i have stopped me for a while, and only when very slow i have passed the sponge in the inner your thigh, you knew that i would do the same game you had made me you. 
I was biting my lips, because i knew you have would enjoy much more than me.

I have leaned myself more to your chest, and when the sponge have delicately touched your desire, all of sudden, it have became hard, and for a couple of seconds, i have cleaned a baton, while our eyes diving themselves one in another, and our sighes have became moans.
But that reciprocal enjoyment have lasted few minutes, when delicately i have said: “Michelle have waiting for us”, making  fallen the sponge in the sink, and surprised you have underlined that “Us” with a questioning tone of voice.

While you was dressing, looking at me turning around like a spinning top, in search of a new dress, i was explaining how it was really happened all the matter.
Cyclope could have one eye only, but with that one, he could perceived all the emotions that were running in his anteroom of the striptease club. 
“When i have started to talk to you, he have remained in silence and from those few words we have shared, he have understand that something magical would be born among us. Then Michelle. I know her well, and when she have came at our table, i have immediately perceveid alot embaressement. 
I’m sure, that in these instants Cyclope is staring the door, in waiting of our entrance, and i’m sure that they have talked about what they have perceived. I can see Cyclope grimace on his big face. They are my family since when i’ve been moved away from the others due my ability to read the mind.
I have read immediately the mind of Cyclope, when you have started talked to me. I have heard him distinctly said: «Shit, he haven’t fear of  you!» then you have came to me, and i have lose myself to look your hands on the table:” 

By now, you was sat on the couch, and was listening to me interested on  how they working the things in that small city.
When finally, i have stopped myself in front of you with a white dress and abbined hat in hand, i almost blushed, while you was getting up, and coming next to me, you have settled me better that collar of that soft white shirt, and you have caressed me along the hip, and with the most sweet voice, you have said to go.”


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