The more i read

About the Twin Flames, more i remain breathless, and when i read the same emotions i have felt that night of seven years ago, i  want belive that we are for real  Twin Flames. 
Now from few days i can perceive even your perfume, and when i have read even about this phenomen, my heart have started to beat like a crazy.

I have had the confirmation that i can feel when you want say me something it’s real. It’s happen among twin flames, and those double numbers it’s the way te Universe wants communicate us that we belong each other, and today those double numbers have appared everytime i checked the clock

The more i went on, more i got in confusion, and my head have expolded and everything i have read was taking me to you, and inside Our Parallel World
Everything i have read in that article have left me breathless.
So there is something real magic among us… and here it is another double number, it have appeared one again.

I can’t swallow.
More i look at you in this picture, more i thnk you are feeling the same, even that unexpected sadness that pervades our body, but above all our souls.
While i’m think of you i throw away all the air from the lungs. 

So it have been not a craziness that i have decided that  Larimar stone, and everyting i wrote you in that letter has something  of real.
I didn’t ever go deeper in the Twin Flames matter, but molre it were happening these things i have wanted know better the matter, and now everything match, and now the only thing i would like see some of our stones next to you, in some of your next videos, even in passing.

All what i have read it have made realize that what i’m feeling it’s something real, anmd not only a great feeling, and our connection does exists really. 
Those sweet electric shocks are our way to communicate, and we are the only that cen feel them. They are only ours, and we feel them strong despite our distance.
I feel you and you feel me. 
Our Parallel World is all our. We are you and me.


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