After have looked at me still when i have dry that latest drop from my mouth, you have whisper my name, and you have came closer and you have caressed my lips, and after have hold back the breathe, you have remained in silence to stare at me while i was got up while i have take off that bathrobe all dirty, and only when the clolth have touched your legs, with a hand you have take it and you have take me off it definitely. 

For a while i was remained standing still in front of you bare, and then with a sense of pudor, i have covered my intimate parts with both hands, while without say nothing, you was squaring me, as if you was looking at me for the very first time.
Your eyes were so small, and they seemed tiny pins, but they were capable to pierce my soul.
That glance was able to read all my thoughts, and i wasn’t capable to hid them

You had not say yet nothing on what i had done you, but in those eyes i have could see all your surprise, and i have could perceive still your enjoyment, and only after a  little i have said: “Michelle is waiting for me… she is counting on my presence in the striptease club. We have to get prepare ourselves. Then..” i have not ended that phrase, but i have indicated that bathrobe that you had in hand. “Maybe you will meet the car mechanic and…”

You had not still pronounced a words, and you was only looking at me. 
In your mind there were a milion of thoughts and images that were merging one another, and only when i was capable to collect one, immediately another it was making place in your mind, and you was there on the couch, at the mercy of those emotions that were running fast through your mind and very fast they crossing your body.
“Luke… ” i have sighed your name, but you seemed immersed in a world all your, and the only two windows in which i could see your inner deep self, were those blue eyes.

I have whispered once again your name, i have sitting on that little table in front of that sofa.
Looking at you, i have took your both hand, and only when my hands have touched your, that atmosphere in which you seemed don’t wanted came out have vanished, and at end your glance have placed on my hands, and immediately after your eyes have met mine, and only in those seconds, you seemed got backward from wherever place you was.
I have sweetly smiled you, when you have throw away all the air from the lungs, and only after have hold back the breathe, you have spoken and what you have said it have left me speechless.

It seemed you was opening yourself for the very first time in front of a person, and in those blue eyes have could see that tiny part of you that nobody else beyond me had ever seen.
You had taken my hands and now it was you that was tightening mine.
I was listening to you, with the heart in throat.

“I have had many experiences with other girls, some very exciting, and i have believed that those were the maximum that i would could to aspire, but when everything this have began, all the rest have became dust.
I’m not able to express what i’m feeling in this moment. All the world have became small, each experience have become nothing in comparison to that one i had with  you. I have realized all that just in these instants.
I want stay with you.” 

That latest phrase it had destabilized me.
Everybody i have known didn’t have say those kind of words that were coming out from your mouth with much ease, and a long shiver have crossed my back.
You had noticed that i had started shake, and with your hands, you have take me and made me sat next to you. 
Sweetly you have embraced me, and starting to stare at me, you had understand that it was the very first speech of that kind that someone had made me.

Whoever has known me, after having discovered that i have could read the mind, or they were ran away or simply they considered me one of those strange creatures dressed by human being, and they looking at me making me understand that they would not have had no longer about with me, and that’s why i was hinding myself in that striptease club below that big hat. On the contrary you have been that human being who have met only a girl in a club and he had have not fear of her menthal ability, on the contrary you have remained fascinated.

I haven’t tell you everything , but only with my glance, you had comprehended all my story, and when you have tightened my hand, i have jolted smiling you.
And when your glance have dived inside mine you have sighed: “I don’t leave you”, sweetly you have came closer to me and your lips have caressed mine, while our hearts have began to beat like two crazies.”


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