It seemed that we had take control of our sexual instincts, and now we were rest ourselves blissfully one in arms another, and it seemed that we were fallen asleep. 
Tired but fully satisfied of what we had felt, it seemed that we were in another planet. A planet where the only inhabitants were us. 

I had said, that it seemed that we were fallen  asleep, and i had said well. We were only listen to our breathes and our hearts beating unison. 
You have wanted check that i was wake, and in a sigh, you have called me, and when i lifted my face toward your, you have only looked at me, and i have sweetly smiled. 
It seemed to live a dream, and maybe it was so. 
I was reading your mind, and what you still don’t wanted believe that you had crossed that city many times, and for the hurry you had, you have never stop yourself not even for get a simply coffee.
“But maybe we would ever met not even  for that coffee” i have said looking at straight into those eyes that were staring the roof. 

For an only a second you had forget my ability, and i have could feel your heart beat a bit faster, but then when your glance have met mine, you have looked at that wonderful girl that could go you crazy even with those unexpected answers, and you have caressed my face replying with one of the sexiest tone of voice.
“Yes, you have probabily right”, and you have moved me away that lock of hair thatwas obstacling you to see my eyes.
I have throw away the air from the lungs, and looking at the only window of that room, i had realized that we had spent all day making love, and i have blush. 

You was still looking at me, and a question was printing itself on your face. Without say nothing i have made you see outside the window, and without waiting for long, you have turned my face toward you, and you have said: “They have been the most beautiful hours that i have spent in my life.” 
Now, i was me that i was going crazy. With those few words, you had made me vanish all my menthal lucubrations, and in in only glance of you, all the definitions that i have gave me, were vanished, but only one have remained impressed  in my mind, but that one it was  that you have thought even you, and you have said me it, and it have been that one that have unleash all the rest of everything what we had done. 

That phrase have resounded in my mind for a bit, while i was looking for to don’t think to all what we had done, but more i was losing myself in that tiny mole, more it was possible to don’t.
Yes, i was your whore princess, and this was getting exciting me more.
And that pungent smell seemed being penetrated in those wall, and it have remembered me, how much it have been delicate, but even so violent the way we had made it, and all those thoughts were running fast in my mind, and only when once again, i have looked at you, i have realized that i had my hand on your desire, and i was feeling your reaction, and maybe it was the most beautiful and seducent that i have could feel.

You have hold back the breathe for a couple of times, then you have sighed my name. 
Looking at my hand on your desire while was becoming great, i have turned my eyes on you, and you was looking at me wonder of what i was doing. 
Slowly my glance have remained straight into your. 
At first i have stopped myself to your belly kissing it, then i went more down, always staring your eyes, and in those instants your mind was exploding, and i was reading your thoughts, and they seemed a broken record, but that phrase it was the most sensual that i was hearing, and when you have repeated  for the umpteeth time “You are about to do it” i have stopped myself for a thounsandth of second, and in that short time, everything around have stopped, and when i have took it in mouth, you have repeated several times: “Yes Daria!! Yes, yes”, and when i have started to lick it, i have placed my both hands on your hips for then mapping your body, and when i have felt your hands have taken mine, i have lifted the glance toward you, and i have seen your eyes closed, i have immediately understand that you was enjoy alot, and when you  have tried to say my name, but you wasn’t able to, crossing your fingers tightening mine, i have understand that i was about to swallow your  warm orgasm.

And when it have went down through my throat, in someway i have reached even me too a sort of orgasm, but it was more menthal, but always beautiful. 
Then we have looked at each other, and some drops were coming out from my mouth, but i have clean them with my finger and i have licked it. I didn’t wanted waste any drops of your pleasure. and only when i have finished, you have looked at me deeply, sighing my name.”


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