When we have realized that our fluids were coming out from our legs yet, we have looking at each other, and we softly we have smiled. You have came closer to me and after have kissed me sweetly, you have sighed me in one ear: “We have to stop ourselves. We could go crazy!”
I was biting my lips, and at that phrase, i sweetly have laughed, and in a low tone of voice, i have said: “I think, already, we are  go crazy!”
And saying this, i have caressed your face, i have reached your tiny mole. I have stared it for a bit, thinking i was lost myself in that skin imperfection, seeing inside of it, maybe the most beautiful part hidden part of your being.

I have caressed it, looking for to snatch the secret that it had inside, but as i knew, i wasn’t capable to. 
After a long moment of silence and conteplation, sweetly you have came out, and  got up, we have noticed that our fluids had get dirty that small chair. 
For a while we have stared at it, with the hearts that were beating strong, you have said: “Let’s go to clean ourselves” and as a knight, you have taken me among your arms, as a saved princess from the evil dragon who had snatched her beautiful and soft white dress, and for that short time that you have had to cross that room, i have looked at you throwing all the air from the lungs. 

It was came the time for a shower.
When  you have placed me on floor, we both have turned and we have stared that room, stage of everything we had done till few minutes ago. 
The smell of our orgasms was still in the air, and we have thought the same thing, when we have shared a glance, looking at us around. We would have will ever forget that pungent smell in all of our life, and surely we have would remember each part of that room in which we had made that sweet love and sex but even violent.

Entered in that tiny bathroom, you have sat on the WC, while i was mirroring myself  in the mirror placed above the sink, adjusting my messy hair, and trying to clean my face of that dry fluid. 
Then i have take a glimpse of that bathrobe all snatched and dirty, and at end i have sighed: “I sholuld really throw away it, look how it’s reduced!”

You was looking at me in silent, but when i have said that sentence lost in thought, you immediately got up, and you went to me behind, and after have unfasted it, and made slide it on my shoulders, you have lifted it up, and unexpectly you have entered once again inside me from behind, and roughly you have started to thrust yourself always more. 
For a second we have looked at each other through the mirror, then i have close the eyes. I have placed my hands on the wall of the sink, while you was penetrating me always more, while with a hand was guiding my hips always toward your desire, while the other was looking for my intimate lips and when you have found them, you have penetred me even from there.

This time i was really at your mercy. When you have penetred with your finger, i have started to moan softly, and mine have merged with your began since your have took me from behind. 
Your were really wild as your thrusts. At a certain point you have came out your finger from me and with that hand, you have taken a lock of my hair, and you have lifted my face down, and in a sigh, you have said: “Look at how i enjoy myself”, and while you was keeping my face up holding my hair in your hand, i was moaning loud and biting my lips.

After a several of  rough thrusts inside me, and a couple of moaning almost unison, i have looked straight into your eyes your full enjoyment, and just few instants after your orgasm have exploded inside my ass.
 I had not reached mine, but your orgasm was filling me from inside of your heat, and when i have turned, some of your drops were getting wet the floor. 
And only when you have stared them for then have looked at me, you have said: “Please don’t throw it away! With it i have found your inner sexuality”, and saying so, your hand have came between my legs, and the finger have restarted what it had interrupted few minutes ago.

Gently you have me sat on the corner of the sink, and looking at me sweetly straight into my eyes, you have delicately started insert your finger inside my warm intimate lips, and unconditionally i have began to hold back it, and you have started to move it slowly, while i was looking at you moaning, looking for to don’t close the eyes, but when i  was about to reach my umpteenth orgasm of that day, i have closed them, and when i have got wet your finger, you have sighed: “I would could continue to see your enjoyment and i would have ever not enough”
Looking at you, i have bite my lips. Sweetly i have smiled you, but you had not stop surprised me.
I was reprising myself when you have turned on the water of the sink, and with me sat on it, you have started to clean my intimate part. 
I have moan your name several times, because you was cleaning me yes, but at the same you was making me enjoy once again. . 

We were literally going crazy for our reciprocal enjoyment.”



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