I’ve been

Woke by you sweet embrace around my belly, and i have could hear your voice that have called me several times, and now that i’m in front of pc, i’m perceiveing your embrace from behind making itself stronger. 

You making me shake the fingers on this keyboard, and my heart is beating like a jackhammer. 
I feel your closeness around me. 
You are moving me. 
What i’m feeling in these days, in these hours are some of the deepest feel of my life. 

What i’m describing in my latest chapters, isn’t only fruit of my imagination, but it’s something that is really happening between our souls, our minds.

The wild love we are making among those lines that i’m writing, it’s something that is really happening in Our Parallel World. 
I’m biting my lips. 
Those magical stones that i have sent you, are uniting us stronger than we can imagine, and despite we are so damned far, we can feel their effects inside us, and above all around us, and it’s the most beautiful sensation that we both can feel inside.

Slowly, our connection is becoming the only thing for which we hearing our inner deepest voice, and when we can feel each other, we can feel our breathes merging one in another, and your embrace become stronger, and when we feel our electric shocks, we know we are communincating sweetly.
At same time, we both throw away the air from the lungs. 
In this precise moment we are thinking of each other.

It’s strong our connection, that in at any time our heads can explode as much we feel ourselves close one another. Our soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing, and it’s the most beautiful sensation we can feel in these instants.


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