We were drinking that breakfast yet upset of what we had done till few minutes ago. 
It seemed that in someway, we had feel ourselves guilty, but when your glance had placed once again on that nipple dirty of your orgasm, on your face have born a tiny smile.

I knew what was in your mind, and looking at you first then my nipple, i got wet my finger and i cleaned it staring at you, and you have looked at the scene in silence throwing yourself backward on that chair, like a cowboy with the legs wide open, and i have could see a small reaction, but i knew you would have not made it once again. 
Me too was exhausted, but ever i have felt myself so full of something that nobody had gave me, and in those instants i was looking at that person who had satisfied even my smallest unspeakable desire.

Sweetly, i have smiled at your messy hair, but in those instants, as you was looking at me, i was seeing the most handsome guy, and those your eyes didn’t wanted stick off from mine.
We had to clean ourselves, but the smell of sex in the air in those moments, was the most inebritating perfume that that small room had have, and the idea to clean ourselves seemed us a crime. 

Both we had to go down in town. You for check your car, and i to ask Michelle another bathrobe, but sincerely i didnd’t know how explain her how it was snatched it mine. 
Since when she have made me test one of hers, i immediately love them. And she had ordered to make one  with my small measure to her handyman that by now, i  called him “RedNeck, and above all i had  to look at straight into the Cyclope eye, and in someway, thanked him to have write my adress on that colored cardboard. All this, would have not happened if he had wrote the right address of that hotel. 

We were sat on those chairs thoughful, but those thoughts were the most delicate and exciting at the same moment. We were reliving  everything, and despite i was able read your mind, i was seeing it between your legs, and at only thought, some drop of excitement, have came out even between mine. 
Have been me the first to get up from that table, and now that dirty white delicate bathrobe was flying between my legs. I was bringing the mug in the sink, and the shortest way to reach it, was pass behind you, but when i have been close to you, you with a gentle touch to my hips, have stopped me, and you have started caress my body. 

When you have moved away the bathrobe from my legs, and your hand have hold me back, uncoditionally i have closed the eyes and my breath have become short, and i have bite my lips, when your finger have caressed the exact point where they starting my intimate lips. You knew, they would have been wet. 
Your unconditional reaction at my gesture, had unleashed a small chain of tiny electric shocks through our minds, and in some way, it had to end.
Slowly you have moved away the chair from the table, and with a imperceptible head beckon, you have invited me to ride your legs. 
You placed the mug on the table yet, and with a delicate move you have lifted up my bathrobe, so i would have had the legs free. 

I have could feel your desire slowly entering me, and with a choked moan, i have feel your complete penetration, and with your hands on my hips, you have started move me slowly. 
I had both my hands leaned on your shoulders, and my eyes were straight into your, but when i have began feel your thrusts became faster, i have close the eyes and i have arching my breast toward you, inclining the head backward, so you have had possibility to lick my nipple that i had cleaned before, but at end you have found yourself to suck it violently.

For the enjoyment, i was losing control of my saliva once again, and it was coming out from my mouth going down to the neck, and when it have reached my breast, you have licked it, making me going crazy, and this have got excited you as much that in few seconds, your desire have became harder, and when you have have looked at me, you have sighed: “I’m coming…!”
And in few seconds you have awashed me with your orgasm, while i was reaching mine immediately after, looking at straight in to your eyes.

After, we have relaxed ourselves one on another, and we have closed the eyes, while from our intimate part still one inside another, slowly was coming out our fluids mixed together.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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