While i have caressed it from slow my hand movements have became faster, and that wet sound, with your moans entered in my ears and that’s what i wanted  to hear, and when you have take control again of your position, your enjoyment have pervaded me, and i have started to make you go crazy. 
Your desire have became always bigger and harder, and your moans have get me excited.
Your hands were placed on the table, and now our mouths have looking for themselves in a spasmodic way, and when they have touched, our tongues seemed two snakes that were intertwinning.

I don’t wanted that it have ended in that way but our passion, have been stronger than my real intentions.
While i was continuing to masturbating you, your hand, have ended between my inner thigh, and you have perceived that i got wet, and very slowly you have penetrated me, and when i have realized of it, i have dived myself into your eyes, and i have started moaning too. 

Maybe it was the most sensual thing that we were doing. We were masturbating each other, and i believe that we wanted cotinue so till our hearts were exploded. 
We have could feel our minds connected in a strong way, that we could hear our inner voices says how much intense was what we were feeling. 
You was about to reach the umptheenth orgasm. I have could feel it, your desire was hard like a baton, and your moan have became always shorter, and when you have came your fluid have splashed out fast that it have covered all my body, and some splashes have arrived on my face, and they had got dirty my immaculate white, light bathrobe. 

When you have stared me like that, filled of your orgasm on my body, i have could perceive that you was looking at your whore princess, and you wanted make her enjoy once again, so you have throw me on that table, with that bathrtobe all spotted, and you have decided to snatched it away and you have put yourself above me, and despite you had enjoy yourself, you have wanted me penetrated me yet with your desire.
Seeing me so dirty and at your mercy, your thrusts have became more violent. 
In your mind was regning a phrase that you was repeating in silence. 
I was hearing it, but i wanted hear from your mouth, and  looking at you, in a sigh, i have said: “Say it, say it….!” 
And pushing yourself always more inside me, without stick off your glance from me, at end, you have said: “You enjoy whore!”

As soon said it, after few second later i have reached my orgasm. One of the longest that it have left me breathless.
It is lasted several seconds that i didn’t realized that you have came out, to taste it directly from the source. In the middle of my legs, and you have licked all my pleasure. 
Only when i reprised myself, i have could feel your warm toungue that was licking the latest drops, and your licks were sweet but penetrating.

In the passion  of that act, we hadn’t realized that we had make fallen the two mugs from the table, but sincerely in that moment, we have not thinking to the breakfast, on the contrary, we had to comprehend what us had happened. 
We were so attracted each other that even the smallest thought, could be transformed in another act of love or pure  sex or in someway else it was call.

Maybe we were below an enchatement, or simply  after a long search, we had found ourselves, and that one it was only the way that our souls and body knew, to communicate us that we had ended  to searching.
Slowly we have settled ourselves, and slowly you have prepared yet the famous breakfast, and we have drunk it without not even go to bath to clean.
We were so exhausted, and only the thought to go in bathroom it was an effort.

I have take on the snatched bathrobe, and at your eyes i was the most sexy girl that you was looking at.
My body was covered of your fluids yet, and that big milky spot my nipple, it was the most sensual thing where your glance had placed.


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