After that kiss, you have looked at me, and my glance was lascivious yet, but i was recovering from that moment of pure sex, and my orgasm was still make me trembling me from inside. 
You was staring, my changes, and i was looking your expression, in which slowly  it was printed a satisfied smile.

You was in front of me. I was still on that small table where you had placed me few minutes ago, with the bathrobe all opened, and all messy. The shoulders pads were yet on on my arms, and the transparent cloth didn’t have covering not even the thighs. 
I have would wanted remain so for the rest of the day, at your mercy. 
But when you have realized that i got back in me, you have came closer, and without stick off your glance from mine, you have started to settled me better the bathrobe, and i have left you do, diving myself in your deep self, and what i have seen it have been the same that i was feeling in those instants. A true peace of senses.

When you have ended to lift up my shoulder pads, you have started to make a knot, not before to have caressed softly my breast, arriving at my hips mapping my body.
That gesture have became  from the simpliest the most sensual, and when you have ended it, you have lifted the glance toward mine, and that instant, we have understand that our souls were uniting. 

Our hearts were beating like a crazy, and from our breathes, we were comprehending that that magic was accomplishing just in those seconds.
Knotted my bathrobe, you have taken my hand, and with a low tone of voice, you have asked me what i have would wanted to eat. To me it would been necessary to look at you. 
You was filling me of something never felt before, and that it was enough, but at end i sighed: “Coffee…”
 Shyly, i have smiled you. I didn’t wanted that those blue eyes have stick off from mine. I was so fascinated by them, and before that you turned, in a whisper, i have called you, and you have came closer to me, and i have could caressed your face, and slowly i have came closer to your lips, and i have caressed your mouth.

So i have left you go to prepare the mugs. 
Now, i was me that i was looking at you from behind. Your skin was perfect spotted by some moles. 
Your back was revealing those muscles that i had only perceived while we were making love, above all when you have clashed me on that wall few minutes ago.  
My eyes have started to look at you without breath, and when your butt have contracted itself, i have remained stare it for few minutes. 
Softly, a nervous laugh have came out from my mouth, and when all of sudden, you have turned, i have bite my lips. 

I had examined your back centimetre by centimetre, and now i was seeing you infront.
Your abnominals seemed sculpted by a stonemason. I have squared you piece by piece, and when i have soflty laughed yet, you have came closer to me with the two mug in hand, i have taken them, and i have placed them on the table, and for a second you got confused .
I have took your hand and delicately i made slide them on my legs, but this time i didn’t wanted any act of love. 
No. I have started to looking at straight in your eyes, and without understand which were my intentions, you have have looked at me, leaving me do.

Softly, our foreheads have touched, and  my hand have started to caress your groin to go up to your chest. 
I’ve done it very delicately and very slow. I wanted feel each muscle, each abs of your body, and when i have reached the shoulders, i have began the descent, and when i have reached the groin, i have stopped myself for a short instant, and your glance was asking mercy.

My hand was very close to your desire, and when i soft touched it, for then holding it all in my hand, you have lose the ground below your feet, and to keep yourself stand still, you have placed both your hand on that table, placing your head on my shoulder, while slowly i was masturbing you

We didn’t want have that breakfast. We were enough one another.”


Listen to it🔉⤵





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