When i have opened the eyes, my body was feeling those wonderful vibrations yet, and  certainty my remembers were confused, but i was sure that i had  lived some of the most intense moments of my life. 

I had my bathrobe on, but this time my messy knot was a perfect knot, and only when i have realized that i had not live a dream, i have could felt your arms around my body, and i had slept  all the time leaned on you, and those arms that just few hours ago were tightening me to you, they had protected  till that moment.

I have sigh, looking at me around, and when my eyes have met your face, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, covering my mouth for what i was looking at. 
I have remained to study each minimun particular of your face.
It have impressed me much that tiny mole below your left eye, and with the maximum delicateness i have touched it.

Seemed me to touch the most intimate part of you. Surely nobody had noticed it generally looking at you, but i did. 
In the striptease club, i had noticed something particular, but that it was escaped me in the darkness, but now it was in front of me, and it was that your skin imperfection. 
I don’t know why, but it have made going crazy and i have started to bite my lips

You was sleeping blissfully yet. What we had done it had exhausted both, but my desire to see your blue eyes was so great that i have started to kiss you delicately. 
At begin you have mumbling, then very slow you have realized that it was not a dream and your senses delicately have woke, and just few seconds later those eyes have opened, and when they have met mine, you have held back the breathe, and only few seconds later, you have sighed: “Oh my god how much beautiful you are!”

My heart was splashing out from my chest. Shyly i was smiling, caressing my finger your lips, desiring one of your passionate kiss, that was not long in coming.
It seemed that we had not ever stop make love.
It seemed that that car had decided to stop just in that town because our souls had to meet and realizing that it was the destiny had to go so.

When have break away, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and we have looked at each other. 
I was caressing your face, and you was kissing my palm. 
We have would could remain so for all the day, and nobody would have denied. 
We have feel around us something real magic, and we knew that there would been no need to talk. 
Our feelings were exceeding our glances and those sweet touches. 

We were enchanted one another. But something have made us understand that we had to eat something: recovering some lost energies.
In a soft thread of voice, you have said: “Let me prepare something”.
I have nodded and i have indicated you the kitchenette, and i said: “There is everything for a breakfast!”
And leaving you go i have taken your hand. You have caressed my face, and you have left me on the couch, with that soft light and transparent bathrobe on. 

Still bare, you went in that kind of kitchenette, and from a shelf you have taken two cups, and when you was about to fill them of that one we would have drink, you have called me. 
I was on the couch overthinking on the joke of Cyclope had made us.

When you have called the second time i have heard you, and sweetly i have smiled you, and meeting your eyes, i got up, and adjusting that bathrobe i came to you. . 
I was thinking you had need to know where were something, i delicately i have came closer to you, but instead, you have clashed me on the wall, and taken one my thigh in one of your hand, you have penetrated me roughly, whispering me in the ear: “I want you yet!”
And so you have thrust your desire inside me always more, till i have moan wildly.

I have attached myself on your neck and for the enjoyment i was feeling i have lose control of my saliva that slowly got wet your shoulder. I have felt your orgasm explode inside me. It was slow and warm. It was pervading all my body, but you knew that i hadn’t reached mine, and placing me on that small table, you have whispered: “You wide the legs!” 
Moving away quickly that soft light white bathrobe, it seemed me you wanted violate me, saying: “You enjoy, you enjoy” and saying so, you was looking at me that i moving myself  sensually arching my back, moaning: “Yet!” below your finger’ fast movements, and when from my mouth have came out no longer any moan, but i had it wide open,  and i have closed the eyes, you knew that the orgasm was coming, and when your finger have got awash by my pleasure, you have wanted feel my contractions till the end, and then when i reopened the eyes, you have said how much sexy i have been, and delicately you have kissed me, giving me new oxygen.”


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