Has vanished when i felt your arms around my belly, and our small electric shocks have crossed our minds, and our soft punch in the stomach have enveloped our being from inside.

Everything is so light, when our minds are connected despite our damned distance.
Tonight your sweetness have been to beautiful.
Being in your powerful arms, it made me feel so fragile, but at the same time protected, by each evilness of this world.

Let’s escape. Our Parallel World is waiting for us. 
I want being taken again by you, i feel your strenghtness, see your muscles that protect me.. 
I feel your  arms around my belly, and your breathe wrapping me. 
I leave my mouth ajar, because i know your lips are about to caress mine. 

Your perfume is around me yet. I would recognize it among milion, and is it entering inside me. 
I close the eyes, and from far i can perceive you are calling my name.

And now, the more i thinking of it, the more i’m conviced that’s you when i see that little flag… 
It’s from long time that i miss it. Now you are working on that new series.
I can go crazy, but i know that’s so. 

Your perfume is enveloping me always more, and something says me that you would like say me something important.
Everything is turn around those small electric shock that you and me can feel. 
I have to throw away all the air from the  lungs. 
I feel your arms tightening me stronger to you.

I whisper you “Let’s stay so”. 
Our Parallel World is envelope us sweetly, and everything  become how always we have wished.
Here it is our connectio, and that double number appeears.



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