When we have reached the climax, we have remained breathless, and still we had not spoke yet. 
Only our moans were the only sounds that we had hear, and  only when we got back to the reality, your glance have looked at straight into mine, and sweetly i have felt your hand slide throught my body, and when you have came out, another delicate penetration entered once again inside me, while your eyes were set on mine.

Inside those eyes, you had seen something never seen before, and unconsciously, you knew that nobody had never seen it, even knowing me from short time, and delicately you have started make me enjoying.
Ocassionally, i was close the eyes, arching the back toward you, and  eventually that bathrobe have slide over my armsu ncovering my breast, and you have began lick it, while your finger was going deeper inside me, and when you have reached once what you wanted see, you have whispered: “Oh my god, how much you are beautiful!””

I had reached the second orgasm wit a such ease, that i didn’t wanted believe it. I was in a limbo of  million emotions that not even me knew. 
With your finger, you was still inside me, you was still feel my intimate part very wet yet, and you didn’t wanted came out from there.
My moans have began once again, and that white light soft bathrobe so unfastened, it was so exciting. 

At your eyes i seemed you a vergin that was uncovering her sexuality for the first time, and she enjoying for what her body was making her feel, and you was the maker of her enjoyment, and you didn’t wanted that all this have stopped.
And so,  very slowly you have began move it always faster.
Only when you have felt another orgasm waving your finger, you have looked at me and you have me licked your finger, and immediately after you have kissed me so passionate. You wanted taste my orgasm, what i was feeling in those instants, and i didn’t wanted myself came out from that status that i not even wasn’t able to describe.

We have remained embraced one in front another, i didn’t know for how much. Maybe one endless minute or one hour. I really don’t know. 
You was tightening me delicately strong to you, while that bathrobe, by now, it didn’t cover my body no longer. The shoulder pads were on my arms, and you hadn’t no desire to settle it up. 

You were looking at the most seductive, lascivious girl you’d ever met, and for my part, I was staring at the guy who made me feel like a loved girl should be: like a whore princess.
And when my eyes plunged into yours, your hands caressed my thighs until they reached inside, and as your hand was about to touch that most hidden and intimate part, you sighed in my ear: “Let me hear it again!” and as soon as that sentence was whispered, you penetrated me quickly, and immediately afterwards, perhaps the most sensual moan enveloped you.

I have looked at you surprised yet for what you have been capable to make me feel, and sweetly  i have leaned my head on  your shoulder, and in a sigh, i have said: “Please remain”, and in those second later, i have fell asleep between your arms.
With some difficulties, you got up and delicately you leaned yourself on that sofa with me. 
With the maximum care you have covered that beautiful bare body with that soft white bathrobe that it had made you exciting only few minutes ago, but you have not resisted , and you have caressed that visible part of my body, and immediately after you have tasted my savour closing the eyes. 

Inebriate by my smell, remembering how it was started that evening,  even you fallen asleep, embracing me moving away a lock of hair from my face you have sighed my name.”



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