Your closeness

It’s here, and your embrace is tightening me more to you.

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. I’m biting my lips, because in this picture i can see you when you have read my letter inside the parcel, and only in this instants i have realized that you have read what i wrote you in that two pages, and maybe you have had the same expression that i’m looking at in this picture. 

My heart is beating like crazy, and i feel your closeness making itsels stronger.
The soft punch in the stomach has grow, and everything has becoming wonderful.
Maybe you have read it several times, and maybe in these hours you have read it once again.

I feeling your arms around my belly, thinking what you have made me feel tonight, and it have been wonderful. 
I can hear your sighs, and in these minutes our connection has made by our electric shocks. 
Your arms are tightening me more to you while you turn me and our eyes meet each other. 
I can perceive your perfume, and it wrapping me delicately. 

My head is exploding. I know you are thinking a bit to me. 
Our Parallel World is lifting up around us. 

We both are feeling it inside our souls, and everything vanish. 
You and me, and you begin to move me in our slow dance, while our souls are uniting  delicately.
While you are repeating some words i have wrote you in that letter, and i sigh your name.



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