Comparising for the umpteenth time the number on that business card to the that one on the plate on that door, you have noticed that it was the same number, so you have decide to knock two gently time, and wait that someone replied. 
Those seconds later were endless, but when you have recognized something familiar in those steps that have coming closer, your heart have started going crazy, and it have stopped definitely , when you have recognized the voice that it was saying: “I’m coming one second”. 

You would have wanted running away, but something inner inside have stopped you, and in those moments before that the door would have been opened, you have understand the face of the car mechanic. 
But now, there were no recrimination to do, and now you was about to meet her again.
You was looking at yourself around searching for to hid your embarassement, if someone else entered in those instants.
You was hearing those steps have came closer to the door, and in those instants just a wooden door was dividing you from the moment in which your heart would exploded literally. You have throw away all the air from the lungs.

When the door’s handle down, and the door have opened, i was settling better the bathrobe, and i didn’t have notice who as in front of me. I have looked first the feets, and all of sudden, i have lifted the face, and immediately i have found you in front of me.
Our eyes have wide open. We have remained breathless for a couple of minutes standing still where we were. 
I didn’t have believed see once again those blue eyes that sweetly were smiling me, and you certainty didn’t think to find me dressed only with a delicate bathrobe.

In that unexpected meeting, without say a word, i taken your hand and i left you enter. 
It seemed was all normal, but instead it wasn’t at all.
You was looking at me silent, as if you was looking at something very astonish, and i was doing the same.
Our hearts were going crazy. 
We had not speak yet, and maybe there were no need.
I have made you sat on that uncomfy couch. 

You gave me the business card, and when i have seen the writing of Cyclope who had wrote my address on the other side of the little colored cardboard, i have started to smile you. You very slow, was taking off that black coat that you had still on. 
I sweetly shaked the head, and i have made you understand that it have been Cyclope to make us that joke.
Maybe the most beautiful one.

Till that moment none of us had pronnouced a word, but when i got up to go change, the only phrase that in room have resounded in those four walls, it have been: “No! Please remain so!” and you have took my hand, and delicately you have dragged me on that couch. 
My bathrobe was like one of Michelle. The ostrich feather were on the collar and the cloth was very trasparent. 

Pratically i was bare, only the ostrich feather were covering the breast, and my intimate part, but it was enough a move that i was completly bare. I never learnt how make a decent knot.
You have sighed my name, and i held back the breathe when i have seen you have came closer to me. and delicately, you have started caress the bathrobe. You  have started caressed it and only the bathrobe. Not the bare body below of it, just the bathrobe.  A shiver have crossed my body. 

When you have arrived to the bathrobe belt, you have looked at it for a quick moment, and you have touched that messy knot, and when you have shared  a sweet glance with me, i have begin feel that  you were unfastening it, and very slowly that soft white trasparent clothe would be slide delicately over my shoulders, but you have stopped yourself. 
You wanted being sure that you was not exceeding, but when you have met my glance, in those eyes you have seen that i was living a dream, and my glance asking you: “Please continue”, biting my lips.

“Are you sure?” you asked, while i have taken your hand, and i have delicately placed on my leg making you move away that trasparent and soft piece of  cloth, and i made you reach my inner tigh. 
Our breathes have became heavier, and slowly i have opened more the legs.
You have realized that you had reached the most intimate point of my being, when some drops got wet your fingers, and i have started moaning closing the eyes, and i have pray you enter.
You have whispered my name, while you was looking at me wishing to accomplish my little desire.

You have came closer to me, and only when our foerheads have touched, our eyes have shared a glance of pure enjoyment when you have penetrated me, and i have felt your finger that was entering.
In that precise moment our bodies for the very first time were merging each other, and you have started moaning too, describing how hot i was.

You haven’t resisted and in few second those pants flew away, and you have put me down on the floor of tha small space, and when my transparent bathrobe have covered my legs, you  have roughly moved it away, and when you have penetrated me really, you have wanted made me suck your finger that till now was inside me.
And when you have started push yourself inside me, our fingers have crossed once again. 
While our moaning have resounded delicately in that room.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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