You have remained sat on that bench illuminated by the only streetlamp in front of the striptease, looking for to understand where it was that street that it was wrote on that kind of business card. 

Many creatures who you have recognized being customers of the club have came out from a secondary street behind that building, and they were commenting the Michelle’s number, and from their sentences, you have understand that they were usual clients, and for a moment you have heard them, then one of them, the biggest one have recognized you, and he have shy nodded. 

You was feel still lost for the way i left you, and you had to find that street to go to that mysterious hotel, so you have take courage, and slowly you got up, and went toward that group, but more precisely toward that big beast, who seemed more interest in you than the others.
And in fact, when he have seen you came closer to the group, he have moved away and  he have met you at half street.
He knew perfectly that you was aiming him, and when you have reached him, you have presented yourself like that one new of that city who  didn’t know how orienting youself with that one only address in hand. 
That big beast, who could seemed one of the bad of the city, dressed like biker, have asked to see which address was wrote on that little business card, and when you have gave it to him, for first thing, he have smiled, and he have said: “I see you need my help for the car. What’s wrong with it… i’m the car mechanic!”
“Aw! What lucky! Well it have left me stranded, it were some days that it made some strange noises, but i didn’t have care, and today here i am”, and it have printed itself a funny grimace on your face. 

“Do you have a room for tonight?!”
“Yes Cyclope have gave me this address, but sincerely i don’t know where it is, can you indicated it me?!”
The biker have took a glimpse to the address with a questioning face. 
Yes on that street there was a hotel, but the number wasn’t that one, but the big beast haven’t contradicted what was wrote on the business card. Cyclope will had have his reasons ton write «that address», and so, giving back the business card to you, he moved away bringing you with him in the middle of that sidewalk, and with those big paws, he have indicated the street that you have would have to do, accompaning you beyond that street lamp of the bench.

Before leave you, he asked where your car was, and you have replied: “A couple of kilometres before enter in city”
He have beckon and he have made you undertand that he would went to take it with his car trailer. You had left him also a perfect description of the car, and even if  you had not give it, the big beast have would recognized immediately. 
It was a car reduced really bad, but you were fond of it. 
Leaving him, you have thanked him very much for everything, and you have started to walk toward the same  part in which you have seen me disappears in the darkness.

There were few streetlamps on that part of the sidewalk, and the hotel sign wasn’t turned on, even because there were not many tourists in town, and that hotel was there only because the city hall had ordered to build it in case of neccessity, but it was real an extraordinary case that the hotel had one guest, it had said the car mechanic, and that unique guest would have been you. 

But when you have recognized the number of the building you had not noticed if that gate had a sign. 
You have entered and when you have noticed that something strange, you have looked at yourself around, and checking better the business card you was in front just to the number that Cyclope had wrote.
You was still a bit hesitant to knock that door, but when a long and greenish creature have came down from the stair, you have gently stopped him and whispering, you have asked if it was the right address to which you was about to knock. 

That long and greenish creature, have looked at you, and he have replied you in hurry “Yes!”, and he have came out almost running away.
So Cyclope had not wrote bad that number. It was that one. You had not asked if  was the hotel, if not he would have caught you literally for a crazy.
And then  you have placed in front of that door waiting for that got back you the courage to knock.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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