Has got back to the normality, even if what i feel it’s not at ll normal. 
I have checked the clock and that magical number have appaered ionce again, and everything around me it have been revolutionized. 

I have closed the eyes and sweetly your closeness have wrapped me in your delicate embrace.
It’s from i woke that i feel your closeness, your embrace around my belly, and our connection is strong.

My head is exploding, and the soft punch in the stomach is tightening more to you, and i feel that you are feel the same. 
Everything  is turning fast, and what we are feel is something that is overwhelming us, despite we are don’t know personally, but it’s like if  we know each other from long time, and maybe it’s so….
Our souls are communicating each other strong in these days, and we are feeling it.

The soft punch in the stomach it’s strong, and i feel your arms delicately strong around my belly are the most beautiful sensation i can feel in these moments.
In your eyes i can see Our Parallel World, and i can perceive you are waiting for something that it may you overwhelm, and you are feeling it from far, but it have came closer to you so much in these latest period…. and i know what is…. 
Our Parallel is close to you, inside that small parcel.
You are perceiving it. 

Close the eyes, it’s there with me.


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