By now our glances didn’t wanted stick off one from another, and that sensation that it had pervaded you, it was pervading even me. 

By now the show, it was something superfluous, and our senses were communicating each other.
We had still our fingers crossed one in another, and in that small form of communication were flowing all what we were feeling in that instants.
Slowly you have wanted make me show what was  happening. Delicately you have placed our crossed fingers on that table, where everybody would have could see, but only us have seen those fingers visibily united.
We were inside a bubble, where despite the high music, we could hear our breathes, and i have could hear distinctly, some your whispers. 

Whispers that have calling my name, and ocassionally that tone of voice have embaressed me, and you have could see all that when i have blushed. 
When you have called me once again, the other hand have tightened the others in a sweet fist, and my glance have dived into your, throwing away all the air from the lungs.
Delicately your forehead have came closer to mine, and without make any resistence, i made you came closer, and only when we have touched ourselves, i could feel maybe the most beautiful emotion of my life.

You was staring at me only. My heart was going crazy and it would explode, if you would have do that small move. 
But that small bubble, in which we were have exploded, when all of a sudden, one creature have came closer to us,  screaming my name agitating her big  paws. Her big grey body was covered only with a transparent ostrich feathers bathrobe, and when she have reached my table, she have remained a bit hesitant , but only for few seconds. 
She have realized  that she have interrupted “something”,  but now she have could do nothing to remedy. 
She knew  it. 
After a couple of minutes of  real embarassement, you have hid our hands below the table, and after a my attempt to stick off from your, you have made me understand delicately you didn’t wanted leave them, and with a quick glance, you have smiled me. 

Even if you have didn’t had said nothing, i have could perceive your inner voice that was saying: “Please don’t leaving mine, she have didn’t see us”, and for a thousandth of a second, my cheecks have became red, and below the table, your hand have started to caress me while Michelle was staring at me waiting for that i had made the right presentations of my guest.
“Aw, yes what foolish i am, excuse me. This is Luke, he’s my guest for this evening. He had need of  the car mechanic, but as you know, till tomorrow it’s closed.” 

I wanted that this torture had end fast, but as much i knew well Michelle, the interrogation was just began. 
Michelle have started to make question directly to you, but after the fourth, she have wanted know if you have liked the show, and here, she knew that she would have caught us in fail. 
She  knew me well, and that glance that i had printed in face, it was saying her than we had seen nothing of the show. She have looked at me, then her glance have moved toward you and she have asked if you had found some place where to sleep. 
“Yes, thanks. Cyclope have gave me the number of the car mechanic and he have wrote address of a hotel, i suppose, thanx, you are very gentle!”

Now that Michelle had got some informations more about you, and she have looking at the way i was looking at her, she have could go away to change herself more calm.
In those minutes that she has knew you a bit more, she had understand that she have would could trust you.
After gave me a big hug, she have announced: “My fans are waiting for me. I go!”
Seeing her reaching a small group of  different kind of creatures, you have tightened my hand, and you have sighed my name. 

At that soft touch i have turned and our glances have met once again, and sweetly we have remained in silence for a couple of minutes. 
The band was still playing soft music and it have would continue to play till the last guest have would not left the salon, a little by little it was emptying, but it seemed that we had not noticed that.
Only when Cyclope have came to the band and he have said them that could stop play, and when that soft music have stopped, we got back to the reality of that empty big salon, we have looked at us, and softly you said: “Maybe we have to go”

I have looked at me around and with a shy smile i have replied: “I think so!”
So you have got up, and as Cyclope you have kept my hand and you have opened the brownish drapery and you have let me enter in the anteroom, where Cyclope was settling the latest things for then close the striptease club.
We have came out and certain, we didn’t wanted left us like that.
Now that nobody else could disturb us, our hearts have beagn to beat again like two crazy.

In front of the striptease there was a bench and for a bit we have sat there.
I knew that your mind was crowding alot of thought, but i had decided to don’t read any of them.
We have remained in silence still for a bit, our hands have touched and your fingers have crossed mine.
In those seconds thousand of thoughts were crowding our minds, and we were staring only, smiling nervously, but at end have been me to speak.

“Surely, i have want not go away, but i have to. I don’t know how describe what you have made me feel. It have been overwhelming…I will remember this day, as the most exciting one”, and saying this, i got up and with a fast step, i moving away.
You had not make in time to say my name that i was already vanished in the darkness.
Sat again on that bench thoughtful, from your coat, you have pulled out that business card that Cyclope had gave you. 
You have memorized the name of the car mechanic, then you have turned it, and seeing that address you have looked at yourself around trying to orienting yourself.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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