Here it is

Here it is Your sweet embrace from behinnd, all of sudden. You turn me and our glances meet. I bite my lips. i dive myself into your blue oceans, and i think to what i sent you. 
Even i know this is a recorded video, but everything it got me back in time. 

Our minds are strong connected each other. I feel you here around me, and i would  do many things, but these great emotions stops me. 
My heart is beating like a jackhammer. 
I would unfasten that blue silk shirt, and feel your heart. 

All of a sudden our connection have exploded all around, and now that double number is about to appear, and everything match. 

Your theme is playng in my bedroom. 
I feel your closeness making itself  stronger. that soft punch in the stomach makes me feel the most beautiful sensation that i ever felt in my life. 

I feeling your breathe wrapping me, and your lips are caresing mine.
Despite we are so far, we are loving each other, and your words are piercing my soul, while your glance is taking me inside Our Parallel World, and everything is so soft. 

My head is exploding, our connection is strong, and something magical is making us throw away all the air from the lungs. We are feel us so close. I leave my lips ajar.


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