Cyclope have guided us toward to my table and as a good waiter, he have moved away my chair, and he have assured himself that even you was sat comfy close to me, and sighing he have asked if i would wanted something to drink or something to eat. I have thanked him but i have looked at you with the same question  printed on my face.

You was still looking at yourself around, seeing all those strange creatures were walking around who seemed settling at best the other tables around that big salon.
It seemed that in that instants, the only audience were only us.
But in few minutes, other creatures were entering from another entrance.
You was wondering about what was happening around, that that the Cyclope question have had not reply, but i have came closer Cyclope, and i have asked him to  bring some snacks and then i  have would call him, once again if he had changed his mind.
He nodded and he got back at his  counter.

“When the show will ended, i want present you Michelle, she is the starlette and she is the coordinator of everything. She is  a bomb. You will see her, she is a very spectacular. Many inhabitants come here only to see her number, and even if it’s the same, each night, she is capable to make it seem different. She is my best friend.”
You was hearing my description as if was telling a fairytale, and i’m not sure that you was really listening to what i was saying. 
Certainty you was staring at me, but you was falled in that state of bliss, and even if i would have said bullshit, for your ears were beautiful bullshits. 
But at least, i was sure you have hear with interest the first part of my speech, then you have left yourself transported in that magical world of those emotions that you was feeling, hearing my voice.

When the lights have began to turn off, unconscously i have take your hand and i have tightened it, and in a sigh, i have said: “It’s about to start!” 
You have looked at me, and what you was looking it were two big eyes that slowly were illuminating themselves for the excitement. I seemed a child in front of the mostbeautiful thing that i was looking at, and despite i knew well the show each night for me it was a challenge discover the changing that Michelle had done.

When the trumpets have started to play that sexy music, for a moment our glances  have met, and our hearts were beating unison, and that moment have became a long minute, in which everything around us have became blurry. 
And it seemed that only who was on stage was the unique witness of what was happening between us.
I have tried take off the glance from your, and for a couple of seconds i have been capable to.
But when  i have feel that below the table, your hand had found again my hand, and delicately, it was tightening it once again, i held back the breath, and very slow, looking at the stage, i have bite my lips. 

You was at my right, and to see the stage you had to look at your left, and with the corner of the eye you have could see well my profile, and what you looking at, maybe it was better than the show itself.
That time i hadn’t retired the hand, on the contrary, i have left it and you kept it.
Nobody could not see us. 
The soft music was accompanied you in one of the most sweet and delicate approachment. 
Below the table sweetly, our hands were uniting each other, and when your fingers have crossed mine, and mine have tightened your, you have looked at my profile knowing that i was feeling the same emotion, and this time i have could not pretend nothing. I was feel your glance on me, and for a short instant i had to close the eyes, to reprise me. 

But in those seconds, in which i had enstranged myself from everything around, your voice have reached me, and when you have sweetly called me, my heart have exploded, and slowly i turned toward you, and you have reapeted my name, and your hand have tightened sweetly stronger my hand. 
In that moment everthing have totally vanished. 
It have remained that music in background, that was waiting for that moment in which, maybe unconsciously, our souls have would united each other.

I have shy smile, sticking off the glance from your, but when i have looked down, delicately with the other hand you have lifted my face, our eyes have met once again, and when you have moved away a lock of hair, i held your hand and i held it on my face, then for a bit we have remained so, then softly i have kissed your palm, and this time have been you to sigh. 
Whispering my name, i left the mouth ajar.
Our hearts were going crazy.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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