For a bit we have remained in silence. Both we were a while embarassed for what we had made uncovered to the other without pronnounce none words.

I  was looking for to adjust the hair, but it seemed that more i was try, more i got worst, and when i have seen myself  through aluminum container, i definitely gave up. While you have assisting to one of the most seducent game, and you have remained fascinated by my hand movements, while i have took off some hair pins, and i was putting them inside the hat placed inside, in the middle of that table.
I have focused do that, that i didn’t have realized you was looking at each small gesture i was doing, even the latest one when i placed the latest hair pin in that improvised bowl.

Only when our glances have met, i have excused myself staring you straight into your eyes, but you seemed no have hear my words. In your eyes i have could see a sense of bliss, that in someway, it have made me blush more.
I knew to who give the guilt for that sense of awe, and i was looking at him behind your shoulders who with a  grimace printed his big greenish face, was cleaning those two big glasses.

In those seconds you had forgot why, you have entered in that club, and in your body it was forming one of the most beautiful emotion that you had ever felt in your own life. 
Your eyes were about to spread one of the brightest light that i had ever seen, and that feeling that was pervading you, it was reaching me, and i was feeling that it would have been a great shot to swallow, and before to being overwhelmed, i have lifted up an invisible shield between me and you, and with a cough i went straight to the point and dodging that big wave from smallest sparkle, i have looked at once again inside that alluminuim container, and adjusting at best those crazy hair, i have said: “I left you present yourself, but i didn’t.  Please to forgive me. My name is Daria” and shy smiling i had have elongated my hand to you. 

You have remained overwhelmed, and without realizing you have take once again my han, but this time it have been for a short instants. 
Only when i have eloganted my hand, i realized that i had done maybe the biggest mistake of my life.
I was revealing all my weakness in one time. 
And only when those hands have touched for that short instant, only Cyclope have been witness of that magic that slowly was about to accomplish. A tiny sparkle have crossed between our fingers, and for a moment we have believed hear a shock.  

I have retired the hand immediately after, and  i have smiled nervousely, and worry, you have asked “Are you fine?” almost a bit scared that that shock have  would could  hurts me, and looking at me, you have sweetly smiled, gettting back stare at me, almost blushing, but this time your glance have been more careful to each my  changing.
That little shock had electrified even you, but  you have realized it just before that i got back to adjust my hair, shy smiling.
In those seconds, inside your body, you was feeling the tracks of that shock, and slowly your eyes have placed on me, and you have sighed : “What did you have made me?”, but that question  it wasn’t a question that wanted an aswer, because you already knew it, and even very well. 
And despite you had sighed it, that mumbling it have reached my ears, and when i have took off my glance from that alluminuim container, i have asked: “What? Did you have said something?”  showing off one of the most destabilizing smiles that you ever seen.

I had heard well what you had sighed, but you had haven’t time to reply, because Cyclope have came to our table, announcing that my table have been prepared and the show was about to start. He have looked at me giving me his ernomous hand, but when i got up, the big beast, have delicately make slide my hand in your, and he have opened us the brownish drapery in front of us. 

“You will see, you will have fun “,  i have assured you, looking at you straight in your eyes, while you was looking at yourself around astonished, for how much big it was that salon. You have smiled me a bit confused.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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