All of

Sudden your arms around my belly, and that soft punch in stomach that is growing fast. 
It were a couple of days that i haven’t feel it. But now… it’s the most sweet feeling that you make me feel. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Your voicee is sighing my name and i can hear it. 
It’s wrapping me delicately, as your arms. 

You are tightening me to you strong, as if you had fear that i could escape way.
I can feel our electric shock cross our minds fast.
My heart is beating like a jackhammer. 
Something inner inside mesays me that just in these you have read that small message i have left you the other day, and everything is turning fast. 

I can perceive your sweet smile, and that your thought is expanding in your mind. 
I feel your closeness stronger than ever.
I have missed you in these days, i have missed your sweetness, i have missed feel your arms around my belly, but now it got back to the normality. 

You are here close to me.


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