You have remained standing still a bit yet. 
You was looking at me as if you had seen someone of the gentle sex for the very first time, then you was believe to see another creature like Cyclope.
But when you have seen me, you have remained breathless.

“What she doing here, in that city, in the middle of these creatures!” it have been your first thought, while you have continued stare at me, when from my mouth have came out a half laugh and when i have said: “He doesn’t know what he is speaking about… can we forgive him Cyclopè?” 
And immediately you have understand that i was able to read the mind, and you have looking at yourself around to hid  that unforgivable bad figure, and when slowly you have turned your face again toward mine, nervously looking at me, you have you have smiled. 
“Don’t worry please sit” and with a sense of shame, you have sat in front of me.

I had in hand the latest edition  of the only newspaper that that city could permit to have, and i have pretended to end  read an interesting article, while in reality i was looking for to read another thought in your mind, but i have immediately comprehend that you was so clever to emptying the head from anything else thought that have would brought you in another trouble, but you was focused yourself  only one thought. To find a cheap car mechanic.

But when the trumpets were about to end their music with a high note, they have made you jolted, and they have made you say: “What the fuck!” and almost you was about to get up on your feet, but you held  back yourself.
“The car mechanic will be not avaiable till tomorrow morning, and if you have not nothing urgent, i advice you to remain here, the show they are preparing will be spectacular.”
You have looked at me, still astonished for my skill, and i have smiled you sweetly, ordering Cyclope another two of his specialities.
I had put down the newpapers, and we have could look at each other better.

I was still a bit in shadow cause the hat i had still on, but it seemed that i had no desire to reveal at all my face in that moment.
You could see only my red lips and my hands that were moving while i was speak.
When Cyclope have came, he had brought a tray with the two glasses and a business card with printed on a phone number of that car mechanic of which you had need, but before to give it to you, on the other side he have wrote another address, and he have looked at you deeply, and he left us without say nothing. I have thanked him, taking one of those glasses in front of us. 
But this time who had used his skill, it have been Cyclope, bringing at that table not simple glasses, but maybe the most complex glasses that he had.

When i have realized of that, i have laughed and i have called him in a tone of voice in which he had understand that he would have made pay it, and  have shaking the head.
When you have comprehend the joke, you have remained for a bit to stare at me, but you have brought the glass to your mouth, but when i have had to leave that hat from my head, you have remained breathless. 

I was loosening the hair from that hat that till that moment, it had collected, and till they have not covered my shoulders you have continued to looked at me without being able to swallow other sips from that glass.
“I have to being a mess.” i had said without thinking much, and adjusting them i have looking at you, and for the very first time our eyes have meet, straight one inside another
You have sweetly smiled  me, and  in a low tone of voice, almost sighing, you have said: “No, on the contrary”. 
And you have said it almost having fear that i had heard that whisper., but when i have lifted the face, trying to act normally, it have been me to blush.

When our eyes have met once again, you have got up  on your feet and you have came closer to me, and giving me your hand, you have presented yourself.
“Pleasure Luke” and you have wanted kiss my hand.
Who have been breathless, this time have been me.
At that touch almost our hands, didn’t wanted stick off one from another, and when our glances have met again, we have smiled embaressed. 
We both, had felt something, but we didn’t knew what was, but surely something magical have happened.

Then you have got back to sit at your place in front of me, and always with the sofest tone of voice, you have said: “It would be my pleasure to assist to the evening show”.
I have smiled, and blushing, i have called Cyclope and he have came immediately. 
Softly i have said: “This evening add a place to my table, please. Luke will be my guest”
Cyclope without say nothing, have beckon, bringing away that tray with those empty glasses. 
He have smiled, without make himself notice.”


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