38th open letter to Luke

It’s hard write about a fantasy world when i’m surrounded by these wonderful sensations that get me in confusion, and these emotions are regarding  you and me, above all when you have in front something that you read for the very first time, and these feelings i have feeling them from long wonderful seven years, and little by little you remember the exact moment in which our first connection have began.

I’m sure you remember it too. 
It have been overwhelming to me, i didn’t wanted believe it. 
I didn’t know what were those electric shocks that were crossing my mind, and something inside me was saying me to don’t being worry, because in my deep i knew, i was crossing a new path of my life. 
maybe the most intense one.
The first days i thought it was only coincidence, a wonderful coincidence. 

I remember perfectly that dream in which you have told me something very private. 
But now i don’t want list each great thing that i have found being true. 
You know well them too. 

Now i want talk about what i’m feeling from three days. Emotions that i knew in certain moments of the day. Now it everything changed.
Now they are persistent, and in someways they have become stronger than ever.

The soft punch in the stomach, and that wonderful sensation of your embrace around my belly, make me feel  really loved by you, and it have could be a craziness maybe several month ago. 
But what i’m feeling  throught my body, but above all throught my soul, it’s the most beautiful sensation that i have ever felt in my life.

Maybe the first days, when you have received my parcel, you have left in a corner. Maybe you not even have opened it, but i have the certainty then you have opened it, and you have seen its content, and for some unexplicable magic, those stones have starting to communicating with mine, and despite our distance we are feeling that closeness making itself stronger, and what i’m feeling i’m sure you are perceiving it too. 

Each day i try to act normally, but it’s becoming hard, since i wake up, i start to feel your embrace and our minds connected in a strong way. 
Everything around me become only an obstacle to reach you, but  there are many signals that make me feel your closeness always closer.
My head floats,  my heart beat unregularly, and then those double numbers that are surrounding me from long time…I have took note of them when i have started to see them often i wanted see their own  meaning and only when i read that article of the Twin Flames, i have wide open my eyes. 

I wanted believe that it were only coincidences what i was feeling, but all those sympthoms were real, i have understand everything i have felt till now, from long seven years it was real, i have had throw away all the air from the lungs for real… and now we both have that stone. 

Just now i’m realizing of it. It have helped to find us and it have reunited us…
I have to take a long breathe…..
For who doesn’t believe in magic, it’s really stupid…it really does exist .
It’s enough breathe slow, and you can see it around, as i see and feel it around us.

And i’m feel you feel it stronger than before. 
Those small turquoise stones have accomplished their magic.


Listen to it🔉⤵🔮💜

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