I know

That even your heart have never stopped to beat so unregularly from two days. Day and nigght.
Even tonight, when i have tried to write a new chapter, your closeness have been so close that i got in confusion. Some teardrop have got wet my face, and i was feeling you around me in the strongest way, that in what i wrote, have been what i have felt in those instants.

Our soft punch in the stomach is always present in these hours. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. My heart is going crazy
I’m strongly tinking to you, and i can perceive you are doing the same. 
In these days our connection is stronger than ever. 

I’m not going crazy, beacuse i know you are asking yourself: “What is what i’m feeling?”
I know it’s very strong. Powerful, and  overwhelming. Almost destabilizing. 
The soft punch in the stomach, isn’t something that regarding other phisical needs. 
It’s something inner, and we are feeling it only you and me. 

Our head is continuing turns, and that feeling is taking us inside Our Parallel World, in that place where we can enter only us, where nobody can disturb us. 
I feel you have throw away all the air from the lungs with me to try get calm the feeling that are surrounding you. 
I say you, it is not possible. It’s like a vortex that is revolutionizing us from inside, and those stones i have sent you are amplifying everything. 
They have started to communicating with mine, and even me, i’m inside this vortex, where our emotions are merging one in another. 
We have to let them do. 

Even me, have didn’t believe that everything could happend, but on the contrary we are in the middle of it. 
We are feel everything starts from the stomach for expanding itself to all the body, and our minds are connected. In someway i know you are thinking to me, or even talk about what i have sent you with someone. 

Hagalaz is looking at us that we are going crazy. 
Really slow we are realizing that everything this can be true, and we are destined to stay together, despite our distance. 
You are looking at our stones. I looking at you, and our minds are connected stronger than ever.
We both are feeling our closeness making itself stronger. 



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