We  have remained on the sidewalk in silence. We could hear the voice of Michelle who was speaking with Cyclope inside the club, but when our glances have met everything have vanished. 

The only sweet sound that we could hear was of our hearts that were beating unison, and when you have tightened more my hand, you have looked it deeply and without stick off your glance from it, you have said: “Let’s back in our apartment”

I have looked at your profile, and sweetly you have turned. When our eyes have meet, a soft punch in the stomach have pervaded me, making me remain breathless.
That glance have pierced the soul, and i have only could stared at you straight into your eyes, taking again breath. 
You had said nothing, but what you have made me feel in those seconds have been really powerful, that all my being have been revolutionized, and i have had throw away all the air from the lungs, and for what i have felt inside, a tiny teardrop have fallen from my face.

You knew what i was feeling, because you was feeling it too.
We had need to stay alone, forget all what we had faced up, forget the noise of those machinery.
Stay in our apartment, sat in that uncomfy couch, hearing our breathes, feeling our hands on our skin, maybe sharing some sweet word, being inebriated by our own skin perfume, and being enchanted even by the smallest delicate gesture.

So you got up and you have placed yourself in front of me, and giving me your hand you have helped me to stand up.
You have looked at me for a endless minute, and sweetly smiling  i have nodded. 
You was in front of the entrance  of that striptease club, and you have took a glance inside glimspsing Cyclope, and with a beckon of the hand you have saluted him. He saluted you with the same gesture.

In those instants we wanted feel only our steps on that concrete, and feel our hands that were tightening themselves strong.
We haven’t speak, but we knew exactly what each of us was thinking. 
Around us there was still the chaos of that big vortex, but step by step toward that small apartment our minds were distrating from all that atmosphere, and little by little we were entering in our own.

Still few steps and we have reached the building. 
Our hearts were going crazy, and only when you have let me enter, all that bad adventure have totally vanished.
Closed the door, we enetered in our magical atmosphere.
We didn’t care how much mess was around.

It seemed  we were on another planet. In our silence there were all those words that our souls wanted hear. 
Your eyes into mine had moved me again, and sweetly you have closer to me, tightening my hips. 
Sighing my name, you have caressed my face, and when our foreheads have touched, we both have throw away all the air from the lungs, and only when i whispered your name, your lips have kissed mine in one of the most passionate kiss.
And you have continued to give me little kisses on face, on the neck, till you have accompanied me close the couch, and there i have literally went crazy  for your way you was staring at me, and without thinking much, i have placed myself above your legs, and slowly i have started to unfastening that shirt you had on.

Only when you have seen me bite my lips, you have turned over the situation and delicately you have laid me on that sofa, and all of sudden the clothes i had on have vanished. 
Now only your shirt was touching my bare body, while your hands were soft touching my skin.

We had need to find once again our intimacy. But that time it have been enough our little caresses, and our delicate kisses. 
Our warm breathes were wrapping us, our glances straight one in another were crowning that magical reunion. 
And our souls were dancing, merging one in another and we could feel our emotions expanding themselves inside us.
Looking at each other, we have sighed our names, and our lips have caressed themselves once again.”



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▲25 – prologue▼


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