When it

Have started to turn the head, for a bit a closed the eyes, and all of sudden that magical soft punch in the stomach have pervaded me, amnd immediately i knew that youb have started to think to me.

I have perceive your soft voice that have called me, and his echos are  still inside me.
I can feel your sweet embrace around me, and our connection is groing always more.
Another double number have surrounded me, and now i’m really sure that everything this have a minimum of logical.

The soft punch in the stomach you feeling it too, and everything around us have become how we always we had wished, even without realized it
Everything we are feeling, what we see around, those small signals, what i have sent you, and now are close to you, are sending unequivocal signals, and they are says us that we are those twin flames. 

We are in front to this, and we are remain speechless, almost breathless, but what we are feeling is that one that our souls are perceiving. 
Our heart are going crazy, because, in someway we are thinking to each other at the same moment, and we are feeling inside us, it become stronger. 

The head is exploding, because our minds, our souls are connected strong, and the heart pulsations are strong, becaiuse that thin rope has become always shorter, and what are feeling is filling all of our being, and i’m really sure those stones i have wanted sent you, have strenghtened more our connection, and now even you are feeling Our Parallel World is surrounding you from inside. It is embracing your soul, and it is uniting your with mine, in the most magical dimension that it can create. Our connection, and we feel it both in our deep.
We are softly loving us.


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