Each day

Is pass i can perceive your closeness stronger than ever, and it leave me breathless.
I feel your arms around my belly sweeter than ever. 
And suddendly another double number has appaered in front of me. 

I have to stop myself for a while, and restart to think normally, even if i can’t. 
I can see you, and also you have that wonder glance. 
I can perceive that you have wanted go deeper inside that Twin Flames, and that Larimar i have gave you, only in these days is awakening itself, and maybe you have cleansed it, and it is communicating with mine, and all those signals that i only have feeling, now you feel them too strong.

What we are feeling has become stronger than other things on this planet. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because what we have read about Twin Flames have shocked us. I feel you have read something similar, and now this connection has become stronger, because, even if far one another, we are aware more about what is happening around us, and what we are feeling isn’t fruit of our imagination or craziness. 

It’s something deep and above all real.
Our hearts are beatin unison and our closeness it’s something tangible.
I shy smile, looking at that your glance printed on your face. 
Even you are asking yourself: “Is everything this possible” I look at you and i sigh, touching your face reaching your tiny mole. 

Your forehead sweet touch mine, and only when you whisper my name, all around vanish, and it’s lift up Our Parallel World, where our souls are merging one in another dancing our slow dance.
I dive myself in your eyes, and me too shake the head. I know you are doing the same.

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