▲25 – prologue▼

Leaving that prison, you have tightened me strong, and walking again next those two bodies without life, we have shared a worry glance mixed with a sense of lighteness, but that lighteness we will have would hear as soon we have left definetely that creepy place.
Reached the others we have sighed, and without thinking much, you have said: “Let’s go away from here”, and together we have helped the bodyguard to support Michelle. 

I have wear the pendant and softly, his purple light was starting to spreading during our walk of return, and it have ending to heal those creature who had more need.
The more we were moving away from that creepy place everything seemed become clearer, and also from the dark of the sky, we have could see  a pale sun beam clearing our path toward that city, that little by little, seemed filling again of their inhabitants, even them caged from Raikin.

For a bit we everybody have walked in silence, and we knew what we were thinking about.
Each of us were reliving for the last time  some moment of that bad adventure. Each of  us in a different way. Each was living again the exact moment in which have been sucked in that big vortex to being brought inside that old and creaky house. Everybody had to exorcizing what they had face up to to go ahead. 

The first to speak, have been Michelle who have said: “The next who bring me away time  to my striptease club, i swear i kill him!” and she have looked at his bodyguard who with an astonished glance have stared her straight in her beautiful green eyes, and after a  second, he have started to laughing aloud, then we have followed him, and that one strange group have started to breath a new air around.
Careful, Cyclope who was behind Michelle to don’t make her fall, have exclaimed: “Be careful, saying so, you will have no new customers!”, and on his strange face have printed a smile, and everybody have started to mumbling on the fact that it would have been much jobs to do once again entered in the club, and restart the activity as if nothing have happened.

We have looked at each other, and we knew that it was their way to remove all that in the faster way, above all for Michelle, who in her deep, was asking herself: “How long i will have to wait to get on my stage?!”
She, a stage’ animal, despite the magic of pedant on her big grey body, had still the signs of that imprisoment, and she was weak yet. But for how she was reacting, she have would could ride the stage even the same evening. But when our have met, without say nothing, she have replied: “Ok Daria, i will do as you wish.”
She had to rest and take of herself, and we didn’t believe she could know the real status of the striptease.

But when we have reached the city, the confusion was reigning the streets. Street lamps down on the street, benches turn around and in the middle of the main street, vehicles broken and all the content of several  shopwindow scattered on the concrete, and when we have arrived in front of the striptease, we everybody have looked at her, and in a sigh, i have said:”Don’t think to find it perfect…” and i have shy smiled her, but i knew her as my pockets, and i knew that this it would been another challenge, and in my deep, i knew she have would do some improvements, and she have looked at me saying: “It will become more wonderful than we have left it, isn’t guys??”

And when she have opened the unhinged door,  we everybody have hold back the breathe, and slowly we entered.
The only light that was illiminating the anteroom was that one of the sun.
Cyclope was looking at himself around and with all the tenederness he had, was already collecting everything on the ground: dishes, broken glasses and the Michelle’s helper was straighten the few tables fallen.
As soon entered, i wanted checked better closer Michelle and try to make her drink some water with the pendant inside. 

Cyclope after checked the counter, have nodded me that the faucet still working, and i gave him the pendant, and only in few second one of the few entire glass have been filled, i have brought to my friend sat on a leather  indestructible sofa, and while she was looking at herself around, i have sighed her to drink it slow. 

When everybody taken again forces, and we have checked that everybody were good, you have taken my hand and with a glance toward Cyclope, you have made him understand that we had need to stay a bit alone, and we have came out, and even outside there was a a big chaos, together we had found ou inner tranquillity, my head on your shoulder, and our glances straight on two hands that sweetly were tightening.”


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