What have

Happened  tonight it have left me astonished, and still i’m think about, i shake the head.

When i have feel your closeness in those hours in which i usually i’m alone immersed in my writing, and adding without internet access, i have felt myself revolutionized inside, and when i checked the smartphone and you had as soon published an instastory, i have felt really lost. 

In those seconds i was in front of the void, and my head have started to turn. 
I never felt our connection so strong, and i’m still feel your closeness in a strong way. 

I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs for get calm me, but it’s impossible. 
Now our connection has became stronger, and that sweet embrace around my belly is telling me that you would like communicate directly with me, but you can’t. I know

Every emotions i’m feeling, i know you are feeling them too.
That connection that we have had this night, it have been one of the strongest since everything have began seven years ago.

I’m still thinking about it, and i still can’t believe it that all that may really happen, but it’s  all infront of me… infront of us, and our hearts are beating like two crazy jackhammer.
I feel your arms are tighteneing me strong to you, and my sensations are growing always more, till the soft punch in the stomach explodes in all my body, and i feel your eletric shocks are crossing my mind, and they return with mine to you.

“Do you feel it?” while i take your hand and i place it on my chest. You look at me so. 
Certain you feel it. Your is beating looking for to chase it and get calm it. 
 I hear your voice surround me. 
I could literally go crazy.

Our connection haven’t ever been so strong, and i’m sure you are feeling the same sensations that i’m feeling in these instants, and they are the most beautiful since when is began, everything turning around Our Parallel World.


Listen to it 🔉⤵

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