We were looking at Raikin’s body on the ground, while his own blood was still flowing out from his neck tear apart from that knife that the bodyguard still keeping well tight in wait that body take life again
We were looking at that body incredulous that for real it was ended, but there was still a question that was running fast in each of us.
And that question was in those eyes of that brown wolf, that was sadly barking, but at the same time roaring against us.

Raikin have died, and slowly his body was decomposing itself and in short it would have vanished below under those black clothes, and we had take a fast decision. 
That thought was becoming a real nightmare. 
And now it was question of seconds, before that last shred of the body of Raikin have would disappeared.

Everybody were asking themselves: “And if the evil soul of Raikin have transfering in the brown wolf, we would have do all this for nothing!”
There was this possibility. 
In few short instants, we got back in time in that shed, and when had thought to have defeated him, but there were around still few nimble creatures around, and everything matched. 
Raikin was a soul’ thief.

Everybody have looked at us very worry. We had to take a decision so fast. 
I was the person who have would not ever get hurts an animal, but he wasn’t an usual wolf, it was the wolf  that have would give the permission to Raikin to live again.
You have looked at me for a short moment, and there you have understand that you would have take yourself that decision. 
My glance  toward that creature was full of mercy, and i knew that more i would look at him, more i have would feelt a great pain.

Already hearing his lament, it was painful, and only when you have called Yvonne behind the rearguard, and you have said her to brought me far from that place, i have understand, that you have would do, what it had to being do.
Yvonne in a sigh, have said: “Let’s go my dear”, looking at you with wide eyes open and she have accompanied me toward that big machinery at the bottom of that big empty ambient, and  as soon i have placed  far from that place, i have heard an yelped and my heart have stopped, while a tiny tear have fallen from my face, while Yvonne have tightened me strong. She have looked at the whole scene, and even her have jolted  when have heardt that deaf sound, but she had have the courage saying: “My dear, it’s really over… it’s over”.

When i turned, everybody have looked at toward me, and you had already collected the knife from the brown wolf  that seemed was sleeping next that bunch of black clothes. 
You have came closer to me and you have take me from the sweet embrace of Yvonne, and when our eyes have meet, you have said: “He have not feel pain” and you have accompanied me once again between our friends, who seemed breathe once again.

Only when i have reprised the control, i have escuse me with everybody, and you have tightened me stronger to you.
Who else have wanted embraced me, have been Michelle, and with the help of his bodyguard have came closer to me, and she have assured me that it was real over, sharing a glance with who was supporting her, and i have thanked him for everything he had done.
“It have been a pleasure to me. Now  i can understand that your job isn’t made only by magnifying glasses a bullshits of this kind. There is much more, and damn, i don’t envy you at all!

Looking at the others, my glance have stopped on Dazz, and the small creature have came closer to me, and he have wanted being take in arm, and we have looked at each other, he have said: “Thank to you i have learnt many things that i will brought always with me.” 
I have smiled him, and delicately i have caressed him. 

Now we had to came out from that macabre ambient, and Jim have came closer to us and he have indicated that exit next those big machinery, and without thinking much everybody had taken that way, when all of a sudden i have stopped and i camebackward and i have entered in that prison. 

You have followed me asking what i had forgot and i said: “This!”
Taken it i  have made it swing.
We were about to forget the amethyst pendant.”


Listen to it🔉⤵



▲25 – prologue▼

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