It here again

And i start to bite my lips, when i feel your closeness around me, and slowly i close the eyes, while i can perceive your sweet embrace around my belly.
And your arms are turning me, and when our glance meet, everything stop.
Our breathes are merging one in another, and your hands are tightening me stronger to you, and i place my hand on your chest.

You sigh something. I look at you, and your fingers are caress my lips hile you forehead have approach very delicately toward mine, amd you start to move me in our slow dance, looking at me, caressing my face, saying me sweet imperceptible words.

Only our souls can hear them, and our hearts begin to beat at unison like two jackhammers, and our eletric shocks cross our minds and we perceive that everything around us is become Our Parallel World, and it’s enough that we look at each other, also through this static picture that something magical happen, and we only us feel it. 
Our connection.


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