Raikin have been pushed against the wall by the force of the bodyguard who was keeping his knife below the neck, and now Michelle seemed wants place in front of him, and with the force that she had gained, she got up and supporting herself on several rocks, she went in front of his jailer.

We have remained in silence to see that scene, that seemed in itself a real revenge between that big grey creature, who was the calmest i ever known, and that creature black dressed who looks like a vampire in front at his ash pole ready to die, and her sentences have scared me alot.
“Now you will try what you have make me feel during these days of  imprisonment”, and without add nothing she have looked at the bodyguard and she have nodded.

The bodyguard knew how to inflict pain without that Raikin feel nothing, but in meanwhile he have would lose a bunch of blood. 
The first drop have fallen on that blade, and the bodyguard have looked at Michelle who was looking at Raikin with all evilness that she had in body.
That one was the Michelle’ revenge for everything he had provoked her.
At first, the Raikin face haven’t changed. He didn’t have feel pain as we had thought. 
On the contrary, it seemed he enjoyed himself, feeling that cold blade inside him.

Dazz and Jim have shared a glance of worry. They had the same thought, that it have run in our mind. 
The purple light of  the amethyst pendant could have the same effect on him, and so for a bit we have remained astonished.
The pendant haven’t distinguish the good between bad one, and that thin and malevolent thought had reached also Raikin, who have started to smile, feeling that the bloody wound was healing.

He have smiled aloud. 
“What foolish you have been!” he said looking at one by one each of us. 
He have looked at the bodyguard who was still keeping that blade on him, but he was looking at with his own eyes what everybody were thinking, but when he have seen a thing that he could see only him, he have lifted the glance toward him, and for an endless second, they have shared a glance of pure joy and of pure awareness that something was about to change.

One of those tiny sparkle of light, that me and Dazz had seen, have entered in that wound before have closed itself, and after only few seconds later, from a sense of invicibility, on the face of our enemy, we have seen all the pain that he would have to feel when the bodyguard had inflict your knife in his neck
“And now who is smiling?” have sighed our friend looking at him straight into his eyes.
Now he was really  suffering, and the blood that have been absorbed, was flowing again inexorably out from his neck.

And even if he was one of the scaring creature we had ever met, in those instants Raikin seemed losing all his magnetic power that had on us. 
It seemed us that he could even to faint at any time,  as much blood he was losing, and in those minutes, each his breathe seemed a boulder, and it was making shake all that ambient.
For a couple of time, he have lose the ground below the feets, and for a couple of time seemed he could fallen on the ground, but we didn’t knew that it was the purple light that was keeping  him up. Only when we have  realized that he have really fainted, we had understand it was that soft light to mantain him standing still.

When everybody have realized that below that top hat there was a fainted creature, we have shared a glance, and at end we everybody have looked at Michelle who was still on that rock a bit distant.
Unconsciously, we knew that she had to decide on what do.
The bodyguard knew well her intentions and he would have accomplished them even without her permission, but he have prefered wait.
Everybody’ glance were set on her, who really slowly got up again and this time have been me to help her to get back in front of a half fainted Raikin. 

I left her next to the bodyguard who was keeping the knife on his hand hanging down. 
She have wanted see once again him straight into his eyes. 
The blood was still coming out from his neck, and from his skin color she knew well that he was dying really slow, but now that lucky was a luxury, and certain she didn’t wanted give him.
Even if i could not look at her glance, i have could imagine how much cold it was, and everybody still could have listen his heavy breathe.

Only when all of  a sudden we have no longer hear his breathe, we have looked at each other looking for to understand what was happened.
She was standing still in front of Raikin close to his bodyguard, and only when very slowly she have swept away the knife from his hand, she have came closer to Raikin and without wait no longer a minute, she have sink down the weapon inside his heart, and closer to his ear, she have said: “You die!”
Only when she have moved away, the purple light have made him fallen on the ground,in that blood puddle, like old and crumpled clothes.

Now everybody were looking at that body breathless, and after a bit we have shared a glance with only a question in mind.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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