Since when

I have opened the eyes, i’m feeling your strong closeness. 
I wanted do other things, but what i’m feeling it’s so strong that i have had to stopped here to write.
I’m feel your arms around my belly and our soft punch in the stomach is become a sweet weight.

I look at you in this picture, anmd i throw away all the air i have in the lungs.
Our Parallel World is turning like a spinning top, and now another double number is appeared in front of me. 
My heart is beating like a jackhammer.
Seeing your japamala, something is says that you have wear mine.

After i will see the meaning of that double number, but i’m sure it will shake me, because i feel our connection very strong. I can’t swallow, and what usually i’m feeling right now. i feeling it later, 
I have to close the eyes to get calm the heart that is beating unregularly.
I don’t make show it, but these fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and when i listen to your theme i can’t hold back the emotion.  

I can perceive your closeness despite our real distance. Your arms around me. Your sweet breathe that heating my heart went crazy.
Our connection is become each day stronger, and we can’t make nothing. 
I would like touch delicately your face, look at straight your eyes, and carress your tiny mole, and see your approach toward me, while everything vanish, and Our Parallel  wraps us.
These are few words  to explain what i’m feeling right now. 
What is surrounding me, is bigger than these simple words can contain. 

Everything begin from that tiny part in the stomach, and it’s expand trough all my body to reach you. 
I know you are feeling me like i’m feeling you.
It’s makes part of our connection, and now it’s stronger than ever. We feel it both. 
We have to throw away all the air from the lungs.


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