The Michelle’s intentions were to cut off the bull horns, and  make it end very soon, and what she had in mind, it was running fast, it was  flowing so clearly in her head, but as soon she have placed in front of him, all that speech have became blurry, and what it have came out from her mouth, were have been words that wanted be a threat, but what it have came out, it have been a babble. 

We knew that it was  Raikin to confuse her, but despite her confusion, he left her end what she had tempted to say. 
At end, she have looked at us, and that order that have would take by surprise that dark dressed figure, it never arrived. 
But everybody presents knew the end have would came very soon.
The bodyguard have take Michelle with the maximum care, he have placed her on a rock next the prison. 
Yvonne have would wanted go to her, but the tension was so strong that she have remained where she was.

Now the glance of Raikin have got back on us, and it was what have wanted, since when it have born that situation. 
He knew, that he was in minority, but how much? This we really didn’t know yet.
When he hit the stick on the ground, once again, from the stair it have came down the brown wolf, and all the certainty of our advantage have vanished in a second.
He have started to walk between us and sniffing, he have perceived all our fear, and when he have placed himself next to his owner, he have started to looking at us one by on roaring.
Raikin have looked at him for a second, then with his gloved hand, have caressed his brownish fur. 
He seemed got calm, but in low tone, he was still roaring.

“They have sent ahead that poor creature, believing i had pity of her”, and he have looked at him, with a malignant smile, and slowly Raikin have looked at us again, knowing that it would have been a reaction, and infact it have been so. 
The only to snap against him have been the only who had a big desire to see him immediately fallen on the floor, but we have stopped him in time, even if he had already pointed the knife in front, and the blade was about to touch that grey face.
Unconsciously, we knew that the purple light of the pendant that it would give us a sign, and it was’nt still the moment.
Maybe, the bodyguard have been the only one who haven’t noticed it, but that pendant that we had forget inside the bowl, it was charging , and very slowly it was releasing in all the big ambient its light, but it was doing really little by little, and only you and me, maybe even Dazz had noticed some tiny particles in the air, and when two of them have flew in front of me, i have looked at you with wide eyes open and without make it notice to who i had in front, i have understand that the soft light, it would have became  one of the powerful weapons that we have could imagine.

I had tightened your hand stronger than i could and through a way of communication that you had taught me, i had said: “Get prepare yourself, because it’s about to happen something!”
You have throw a glance toward the bodyguard, always more fierce, and only with a imperceptible nod, you have made him understand that his moment would have arrived in short, and so he have looked sweetly Michelle, still confused of what was as soon happened.
Dazz had intuited something and he had warned Jim, Cyclope and Yvonne. 

A couple of those tiny sparkle light have stopped in front of him, and they seemed had speak to him, and when he have intuited what they have would do, he have sigh: “This is your real end”, and  only when he have been capable to locate them once again, he din’t stick off his reddish eyes from them. 
Their light’s game was really soft, and with that only white light of that big round lamp that was illuminating the whole ambient, it was so hard to follow their twirl. 

Only Dazz have been capable to follow those twirls of those tiny lights, that little by little, seemed have called others from that bowl, and only when a little purple silent vortex, have placed just above Raikin, our glances have met for a second, and then we got back to look at Raikin, who was talking freely about things that we were not comprehending at all.
But only when that light have came behind him and his wolf, without that they have noticed it, we have understand how we would have to act.
And in those few seconds earlier, all our eyes were set on the bodyguard, and just few instants after, Michelle have screamed: “Now!”, and a moment after the bodyguard have run toward Raikin, pointing on his neck your knife.”


Listen to it🔉⤵





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