Raikin seemed put at the wall, and he seemed really ready to being defeated.
One against seven creatures who were ready to fight their last fight, if it was been necessary.
But at our eyes, it was him to have a major advantage on us. 

We everybody, wanted see his body reduced as their nimble creatures: on the floor in a blood puddle, but we knew perfectly, now even our friends that that steps was still far to being  accomplished. 
Behind that top hat in which he had hid his glance till that moment there was a creature with human’ sembiance, who was examining one by one their opponents, and in that silence that was surrounding that atmosphere in waiting, even of the smallest sign, each of  the glances were set on him.

But only when one of two would have been ready, the final fight have would have started.
You and me, were first in row, and his glance was straight into our eyes. 
Just behind us we had the greatest creatures at our defense: Cyclope and the bodyguard, who was handling that bloody knife, like  a skittle, but as soon he have would seen, even the smallest movement of Raikin, he would been ready to use it in the faster way.
Just behind a little bit distant Jim and Dazz, and right after Yvonne and Michelle, who was still weakest, but she have would fight till the end to see that monster at her foot.

Without realizing they had formed a big line of defense. They had made the way that Raikin have would seen each members of that little army that, unconsciously he had reunited in that prison.
Raikin knew perfectly what’s running in each mind of who have had in front.
He could read in the bodyguard’s glance: “How i would like sink down this knife inside you, and see you agonizing in your own blood”, and he was repeating this setence in several way, but at end the concept remaining the same.
Cyclope was looking at him still not comprehending who he was, and what he wanted, and why he had taken Michelle and above all, why he had  reduced her so bad. “Only to see that cursed pendant had still the healing power? Be damned!”
Dazz and Jim were studying a plan to escape from there, once everything would be ended, and they were looking at each corner of that ambient, in search of an escape, and they had found a couple. One the most obvious: the stairs from where Raikin have down, but it was even the most hard to apply, and the second one, maybe the easier, an exit behind the great machinery placed  at our left of  where we were  in those moment.
And looking at each other, at end they had decided that one, it would been the way to take. 
While at the last row there were the creature weaker of the that unlilkely army.

Michelle and Yvonne were taking their paw one another. They were the weakest, and the most tired, but even the first one who have made the first move toward Raikin, and when Michelle have left the hold of Yvonne, Yvonne herself have looked at her astonished sighing her name. 
When she have repeated a couple of times the name of Michelle, the others have turned, and seeing her making herself space, they have helped her to reach where we were.

When she have reach us, i have looked at her, and in a sigh, i have asked: “What do you want do Michelle?”
She have looked at me for  a short instant, without say nothing, but when she have turned her glance toward our jailer, she have made another step, and she have looked at straight into Raikin’ eyes.
We have looked at each other astonished, without know  what do.
While there was who could not wait that Michelle had give him the unconscious order to attack. And he knew it would have been as soon she would have move to the opposite side of where he was.

From everybody, the glance of Raikin have moved straight into that one of Michelle, who seemed have no fear of who she had in front, but when she have started to talk, she have been not capable to control her trembling, but what Raikin was seeing in her eyes have been her determination to make it end right there, and in those minutes.
The hearts of everybody were beating like those machinery around. 
I have sighed many times her name, and you was tightening me strong to your body. “



Listen to it🔉⤵




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