I really

Thinking that that small magic have accomplished his task.
I’m still shaking my head, and when i see that still some double numbers are about to surrounding me, and i feeling your closeness around, i really think that magical connection born seven years ago, it’s something special.

I look at straight in those blue eyes, and i feel your arms are tightening me strong from behind. 
And i really think that our stones have started to communicate each other, and also you have begin feel something very strange around you.

Our hearts are beating strong unison.  
Our souls are lifting up to the sky, dancing our slow dance, and our minds are connect in these instants.
I can hear your voice from inside, asking:”What’s happen?”
It’s Our Parallel World that have found the way to unites us more.
It had need of those magical stones, that we have only us.

I only gives it only a direction, and now it have an only way to follow.
I look at you and smiling, i know you are do the same.
I can perceive is your strong sweet embrace, and those eyes straight into mine.
Our Parallel World is embracing us consciously, and we both feel it.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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