He have looked at us for a couplelong minutes, below that top hat with his hands leaned on his cane, and immediately after he beat his stick on the ground, and at that sound the remaining nimble creatures, just few seconds before astonished, have tranformed, in those creatures that we had learn  to recognize in the shed of the three witches.

Like a lot snakes in search of food, they have started to look at us inside that prison, as if we were their next meal, and they have came closer to their owner in waiting that he gives them the way. 

Their shrill voices have become more intense, and he knew that it was a sound that in the long run, it would been a sound very annoy
The nimble creatures’ eyes have transformed, and now they have become small red slots, and their glances have became more evil than we have could remember. 
They had execeded Raikin to come  in front to that iron gate that it was divide us from them. 
I hoped that they have would stopped to see their companion, and in someways revenge him. 
But this it haven’t happened, on the contrary, it seemed they had not seen him, and they have trampled on him, and that dead creature in the middle of the blood puddle, have become more one undefinied greenish thing, in the middle of that blood puddle, that became more brownish.

Now, that we had seen not even a bit of sorry for the dead creature, we have looked at us speechless, and we seemed us lions in the cage. 
Each of us was looking for something to us as a weapon, but the only handy weapons, were the few stones that the ground was offer.

In those seconds the only thing that those creature were asking to their leader, was to open the iron gate and let us exit and fight. 
Raikin have looked at them, just for an instant, and after another beat his stick on the ground of his stick, that iron gate have opened itself.
A general scream of the prisoners, have invaded the inside of the prison, but an invisible force have let us exit, and immediately we have been  splashed out from where, in those short instants we were feeling in safe.

Raikin have placed himself in a corner. He knew well the dynamic of that game. He would let the nimble creatures play with our our psyche, and only at end, he would have do his move.
The shrill voices were entering in our heads, and our capacities to reason on what do, was vanishing.
Only few of us seemd more resistent than other.
One of the first to collapse have been  Yvonne, who with her centaur body have fallen on the ground, saying: “I  don’t make it… It’s unbearable!” and she plugged her ears, looking for  not listen to no more those  sounds that was drilling her brain.

By other hands, we had already, heardt those unbearable sounds of those creatures, that seemed being below an enchament, and only in those seconds we had realized that it was so, and able to managing them, we have went on toward main target. 
And it weren’t those creatures who had only the task to get us in confusion.
We wanted  go directly to the source and make it end. 
While our friends were looking for defend themselves against the nimble creatures, who were making a big din, deleting any other our defenses, Cyclope, with the help of the smartness of Dazz and the speedy of Jim, had neutralized a couple.

And only when the silence have fallen again in that big ambient, we had understand that the bodyguard had killed the last creature still standing.
We had not turned ourselves, but we had understand that what we hearing, it was his heavy breathe, and that sound of  falling drops  weren’t  of the water inside of the prison, but of the blood  that was  dripping from your knife in his paw.

For a short instant, we have looked each other, and you have tightened more the hand that you was keeping in your.
Then we have continued staring straight.
The other creatures had made the same end of their chief. Dead and reduced very bad on that floor.
And very slowly behind us, it was tranforming itself a wall made of  creatures ready to all.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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