Or at least, what i was think.
While we were studying each other, the purple light of the amethyst was spreading in all that big ambient and it seemed wanted warn Raikin that it would have protected us at any cost.

For how Raikin was looking at that soft light, it seemed the first time.
Even us, have remained fascinated how it was moving around him and for an instant, we have could perceive  a sound like a voice from far, but we knew that it have came from that soft light.
It wasn’t understandable, but form the soft tone it seemed say: ” I will don’t permit you to use me, for your evil intentions.”

Inside that humid and rocky prison, there have been a general share of glances between our friends creatures. They had perfectly understand what it have been told. 
The only who had not stick off their glance from Raikin we have been us and the bodyguard, who had still your knife in his hand.

It seemed that in those instants the real fight was between that one black dressed figure and the soft purple smoky cloud that was turning around him as if it wanted challenge him, and Raikin was looking no longer at us, but only that cloud that, in someway, it was squaring him, and Raikin was following it in his soft vortex, and maybe, in all that we were only an audience of that scaring show. 

In the witches shed, we hadn’t get deeper of Raikin’s story. We knew that he had confined those witches in that shed, and they had taken that pendant before Raikin did it.
But maybe in those next instants we have would know the real reason. We only had to wait.

From long time Raikin knew about the healing power of that amethyst pendant, and from long time he was looking for to catch the jewel, but the three witches had brought it away with them, when he have been capable to confine them in that shed, and if we weren’t arrived there, surely we would not have reached this point.

Only in those instants, he said wasn’t alone. There was another creature in his life to which he was taking care, and since when he had uncovered where we lived, he had crossed alot dimensions to catch that pendant.
He had started to talk as if there were nobody to listen to him, just the soft purple light, that seemed had an own life, and he have gave his reasons.

“She is not fine. I have tried in all way to heal her. It have worked for a while, but when i seen that what i was doing it was not enough, i have try everything, but nothing and nobody have would could help me, the only thing was the pendant”. 
We were listening to him without do nothing. Even this nimble creatures were in silence in front of this kind of confession. Also Raikin had a heart? Maybe yes, but we had to being careful. We have could not being sure of what he was telling.

Some inside of the prison have started to mumbling, asking themselves if what he was saying was real. 
We have remained almost fascinated by his words, but in someways some doubt have grown, and we have looked at each other, and when you and me have looked at each other, we have shared a glance of who knews that he was lying, and at end you have looked at straight into his eyes, became once again two thin slots, and you have said: “We know you well, there is none her. You want only the pendant, to become more powerful than the last time that we faced you. Your desire to have it is stronger than we can imagine. But it will be not ever your. Those witches have been the guardian of it. They have gave it to us so, in that way we  have would brought away from you. 
I don’t know how you have been capable to cross those dimensions and reach us, but we will never give it to you. Your heartbreaken story, it’s totally fake!”

And looking at him, we knew that we hit the spot, but we have could not know that within few seconds, it would be unleash a real hell.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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